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Thread: Veda

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    Question Veda

    Opinions on the name Veda ( Sanskrit,meaning "knowledge") pronounced vay-dah. I've loved it since I was a little girl watching the movie "my girl ".

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    It's a flashback to the -70's. I think I prefer Vita--life or Sofia/Sophie for 'knowledge.'

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    I like it! I think it's cute yet sophisticated, and I could see on girls of all ages and personality/profession types! Go for it (especially since you've loved it for so long)!

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    I like it. Go with it. Very Sweet without being cutesy, yet all grown up.

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    I love Veda…. I also equally like Vita. Vita feels a bit more now while Veda feels a bit more like a throwback - though a very classy one at that.
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