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Thread: Flora or Clara?

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    I'm so surprised to see the results here. When I saw the poll, I thought: Oh, Flora! No contest!! A personal favorite of mine and more distinguished than Clara imo.
    Pam Satran

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    I voted Clara. I wish it didn't, but the name Flora always makes me think of intestinal flora. Maybe it's just me.

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    I like Clara best, but only when it's pronounced the British way. I can't stand Clair-uh. That pretty much makes it unusable for me since I live in America and that's how everyone pronounces it here. So I'd vote for Flora based on that because Flora is lovely too!

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    Flora. Love it!

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    I have my own little Clara (Clair-uh, the only prn I like), so I find the name absolute perfection! My little Clara is sweet, dainty, happy, and smart. I also think Flora is lovely, but I prefer Clara.
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