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Thread: Flora or Clara?

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    Flora or Clara?

    I absolutely love both names but since they're so similar in sound I could and would not use both of them. I'm torn between which one I actually like better even if I'm not having kids in the near future.

    Clara I've loved for a long time, however I do prefer the british pronunciation. Now I do live in Germany (I want to move somewhere else after I'm done with school but that's another story) and Clara / Klara is pretty popular here, so it sounds a bit boring to my ears already.
    What I love about Clara is the lighter sound the name has, which is why I'm always coming back to "considering" her instead of Flora. The matching meaning is great as well.
    I do not see her as old, vintage or clunky but as a breeze of fresh air (the English Clara at least).

    Flora I loved for quite a while now, she's stunning and to me just a bit more special than Clara. I do like the German as well as the English pronunciation, though I've noticed that some people kinda drop the -a at the end, which is sad since in my eyes it adds more "lightness" to the name. Flora's meaning is gorgeous as well.
    Flora does strike me as vintage but not as clunky or too old-fashioned and I love how it is a known but not very popular name.
    I do not care for Florence, since it is unusable in German and it's just not really my cup of tea!
    I really like Flora's nicknames, even though I'm not really a nickname person and struggle to find at least one nickname for Clara that I like.

    Maybe I struggle so much choosing which one I would rather use because I imagine them both as the same type of girl and due to the fact that I've liked one for a very long time and the other for a comparatively short time?!

    I would love to know which one you prefer and why?
    Which one fits better with my other current favourite girl's name, Ophelia (and Leonor)?
    Also do you have any other things you could add, both pro and contra either name?

    Thanks so much!
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    I voted for Clara. I prefer it between the two. However, with the possible sibling names you listed, I think Flora would match better.

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    I prefer Clara. I've liked it since I read 'Heidi' when I was a little girl. Unfortunately, the useless heap of a companion on Doctor Who has ruined it for me slightly

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    1. I would love to know which one you prefer and why? - Both are quite pretty, but I think Clara wins out for me. I couldn't give you a concrete reason, I'm afraid.

    2. Which one fits better with my other current favourite girl's name, Ophelia and Leonor? -- I think Flora fits best with them.
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    Anyone else?

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