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    I was almost named Ivy, but my grandmother didn't like it because of poison Ivy. But I think it's pretty!

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    If I was a boy, my name would be Leal and if my mom hadn't said no my name would be Tanya. I like the Leal idea, but I'd like it to be spelled Liel instead!

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    If I had been a boy, I would have been Ryan (grandmother's maiden name) Alexander (grandfather's childhood name). Instead, I'm named for my two aunts and my cousin, who's seven months younger, is named Ryan Alexander.

    ETA: I asked my dad about this, and he said that at the very beginning, there was question about whether I would be Caitlin (variation of my dad's sister's name) or Kathleen (my aunt's name), but once my dad said Caitlin Sarah (my mom's sister's name), there was no question. He also said it really bugged him that my cousin was Ryan Alexander because they were keeping that name in reserve for a future son.
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    What a varied list! I saw my baby book a couple years ago, and these were the names on the list:

    Ashley Marie (my name)
    Alexandra Denee (I wish they would have gone with Renee or Danae, and not tried to combine them both!)
    Jennifer Eileen

    Charles ____ "Charlie"
    Andrew Michael
    Levi Matthew/Matthew Levi

    I think they had pretty cool taste for boys, actually. But I would have ended up a John Robert, III, like my little brother, more likely than not. I think I would have been a pretty cool Andrew, or Charlie, maybe, and I probably could have worn Alexandra pretty well--as long as I didn't get stuck with Alex (which I most definitely would have, knowing my dad's completely boring taste in names). I would have made a pretty great Allie or Annie, or even Lex.
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    I am Anastasia (nn Tessa) Eleni, but I was almost a Natasha or a Jessica, which doesn't quite make sense to me, but yeah! If I was a boy I'd have been Peter, Arthur, or Raymond.

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