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    What were you almost (or not quite almost) named?

    Today, I stumbled upon the list of names that my grandmother sent to my parents when they were expecting me. Lots of pretty normal names (Caroline, Sarah, Hannah/Hanna, Grace, Rachel, Rebecca, Laura, Amy), some that would have been pretty dated a couple decades ago (Agnes, Margery, Alice), and some that just weren't going to happen (Dinah, Dorcas). And then there were the real doozies (Mehitabel, Thankful, Experience, Hopestill, Peninnah).

    What were you almost (or not quite so almost) named?
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    I would've been John or Alexander if I was a boy. My mom also liked Sara and Anastasia.

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    The other two names my parents considered for me, besides my name Andrea, were Adriana & Katherine 'Kate'. My dad though Adriana sounded "too Italian" lol. My mother is Italian but my dad is 100% German. I actually prefer both names to my own. I've considered changing my name to Adriana which is similar to Andrea but feels more feminine and more like me in general. But I feel like it would be too difficult and I don't want to disrespect or hurt my parents in any way. If I was a boy I would of been named Christopher or Christian Thomas. Thomas after my father. I don't particularly like Christopher or Christian though, nms. I do like Thomas though and I plan on using it to honor my father some day in the middle name spot.
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    I was born in 1979, so no finding out the gender ahead of time for my parents. My male name was Christopher David (David is my fathers fn). I know they threw around Jennifer Ann (ann is my moms mn) and Jennifer Bethany as well as Jennifer Maureen. My dad liked the first name Maureen as well.
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    If I was a boy I would have been Luke. My mum wanted to name me Selina and my dad wanted to make me Marlene but they ended up calling me Hannah.
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