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    My daughter is Theresa Violet NN Tessa. She is named after both my grandmothers who have passed away
    My son is Quinlan Matthew Stephen NN Quinn. His dad picked out Quinlan and the middle names are after his best friend and brother who passed away.

    Originally I was planning to give this baby my great grandmothers name....Minna. Because it follows with the trend of my other kids NN's. But I found out that a cousin of mine (lives far away) is due before me and is going to give her baby girl my great grandmothers name. My great grandmother is still alive at 106 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am planning to ask hubby for a list of family names from his side. His mother is Helen and follows the NN trend but I don't care for it. I like not so popular names but hubby likes the most popular (with the exception of the 1 name....Deidre....which I do not like, I think its hard to pronounce and its not my style)

    So far the 2 names I really like are Coraline NN Corra and Clarice NN Clara (not sure on this now because the doubles are not together)
    and hubby also isn't sold on the idea of the NN trend. he thinks we don't have to follow it for baby #3 but I feel we do.

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    the baby will have a name no matter what....

    maybe it wont be PERFECT.....

    but you can always pick something last minute as a place holder, either until you find 'the one' or make peace with imperfection
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    I'm sorry, that sounds really frusterating. Your daughters name came to you in such a sweet way I am sure you are hoping that something similar would happen this time! don't worry I'm sure you will pick a great name for your daughter and she will make it special no matter what.

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    Well what about a longer name that can have the nn Minna?

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    I feel your pain! I'm in the same boat at 30 weeks. I love my 5 yr old daughter's name & feel obligated to adore my 2nd baby's name just as much. But, I'm starting to remember that it's awkward at first no matter what name you choose. Just getting to know a new little person and the identity you've given them. Eventually, you adore the name because you adore your daughter or son. They become that name. So, it doesn't have to knock you off your feet when you hear it. Just choose something that fits your family and is respectable. Within just a few months, you won't be able to imagine her with any other name.

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