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Thread: Cordelia <3

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    Cordelia <3

    I really adore the name Cordelia. I had the combo Cordelia Reese and I loved it, but Reese doesn't go well with last name, which is similar to Stafford. So, what do you think of Cordelia? Also, she would be called Lia because I feel like Cordelia (although I love it and think it is beautiful) wouldn't really fit in with all the babies with popular and trendy names. Middle name suggestions would be great! Thanks. :-)

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    Cordelia is one of my favourite names! It's feminine and elegant but strong and can hold her own. I'm not fond of Lia- I'd prefer Cora, though I love the full name better than any nicknames.

    Middle name suggestions (keep in mind I don't really know your taste)
    Cordelia Violet
    Cordelia June
    Cordelia Harper
    Cordelia Snow
    Cordelia Wren
    Cordelia Mae
    Cordelia Mabel
    Cordelia Suzanne
    Cordelia Rose
    Cordelia Jane
    Cordelia Juliet
    Cordelia Plum
    Cordelia Judith
    Cordelia Beatrix (bay-uh-TRICKS)
    Cordelia Scarlett
    Cordelia Audrey
    Cordelia Sophie
    Cordelia Genevieve
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    I really like Cordelia. If I didn't associate it so strongly with Buffy the Vampire Slayer I’d use it myself. I think both Cora and Lia work as nicknames, though I prefer Cora.

    Some Middles:

    Cordelia Briallen
    Cordelia Juniper
    Cordelia Paige
    Cordelia Adair
    Cordelia Brynn
    Cordelia Esme
    Cordelia Lux
    Cordelia Avery
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    Wow, I've gotten some gorgeous suggestions!! Thank you! More suggestions and opinions would be great.

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