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Thread: Convince me!

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    I really like Boaz too, also because of the Bible story I can totally imagine it on a person nowadays, especially with the gorgeous nickname Beau!

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    I think it is a great name, it is quirky with the lovely nickname Beau.

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    It's not my favorite but I think it's all right. I think I would like Boaz more if I did have a connection to it, either personally or through the Biblical story (non-religious here so I am not sure what his background is or what he did). I like that it's unusual and Bo is a cute nickname. So in sum, I think it's workable, it's just not something I'd go for myself.
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    How do you pronounce Boaz?

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    I love it! It's a bit much on its own for a baby, but with the nickname Bo, I think it's great! I also love the biblical story. Having grown up hearing the name from the Bible, I don't think it's too "out there" or anything!

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