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Thread: Prudence

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    I'm going to go against the crowd and say I like Prudence, I think it's kind of sweet. That being said you might also consider Spruce, Pruitt/Prewitt, Prunelle, Prudentia, Cyprus, Primula, & Prune
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    I actually really like the name Prudence and nn Pru and Prudie. BUT I absolutely would not give any child a name with the word "prude" in it.
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    Yeah, I agree with everyone who likes it-- maybe I should clarify my earlier comment-- I really like it too. BUT I think it would be a truly hard name for anyone but an extraordinarily attractive woman to wear. (And even a woman like that would come in for teasing). Basically it would just be hard, especially in this era of teens sending each other selfies all the time, the teasing and potential innuendo... Sadly, no.

    Sad because it really is an adorable name, independent of all that!

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    I love Prudence, but the whole high school teasing thing would make me never name my child that. Which is very unfortunate!

    I suppose you could use it for Priya too? Prunelle too, but I'm not a fan.
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    I love Prue as a nickname, but Prudence is too stodgy IMO. Sadly, I can't really think of another way to get to Prue.
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