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    Baby brother for Isla - help with names!

    We are having a baby boy next month and we still can't decide on our list. Part of the problem is that I'm a teacher so I have associations with many names. We want his name to go well with big sister, Isla. Help!

    Here's our short list:

    Oliver - We love this but it's also the name of my brother-in-law's dog. He lives in a different state, though, and we only see them once every year (at most).
    Owen - boy in school (not in my class) that is notorious
    Liam - second cousin just named her son this but I rarely see her
    Xander (could be short for Alexander, but I like Xander more)

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Oliver-very handsome name, I like it with Isla.
    Owen-I like it, but not if it has bad connotations.
    Liam-getting VERY popular.
    Milo-the repeating 'eye-l' sound in Isla and Milo is offputting to me.
    Miles-same as Milo .
    Graham-my favorite with Isla, the name feels very pulled together, somehow.
    Lucas-okay, but there are a lot of them on the playground these days.
    Evan-my second choice.

    Good luck!
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    Oliver or Lucas would be by top two choices from your list. I always want to pair Isla with an L name or a name containing an L because Isla is so... lilting!

    The only ones on the list I'm not super crazy about are Graham and Milo. Milo does sound too similar because of that long I sound + the L. (I like the L, but not with the same vowel sound) And Graham seems too stoic next to Isla.
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    From your list, Isla and Evan or Owen {Celtic names} is perfect.

    Other ideas:

    Isla {and} Dougal

    Isla {and} Euan

    Isla {and} Frasier

    Isla {and} Macrae

    Isla {and} Stuart

    {Scottish names}
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    Isla is an uncommon name, its unique, but not so unique that it makes people cringe at the sound of it. You should go with a boy's name similar to that

    Isla and Dexter (nn. Dex)
    Isla and Desmond (nn. Dez or Des)
    Isla and Callum
    Isla and Bradley (nn. Brad? If you like that sort of thing...)

    I absolutely love your choices!
    Though vowel names can be a tongue twister, I think they sound good.
    Oliver can have a nn of Ollie I guess, so when you see the brother-in-law's dog, you can tell the difference.
    My two faves from your list would be Oliver and Xander with Isla ( though I prefer the spelling "Zander")
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