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    I love Cymbeline for a boy and thinks it makes a fabulous middle name for one. There's a movie coming out and I know in my circle and in my city, people would know that Cymbeline is a boy (I run with a lot of artist types and my city is very open and artsy). Sim, Simba, Mel are all so boyish to me. And it means "sun lord." I can see the appeal, but I love it so much on a boy and I love others so much for girls.

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    I completely agree that it sounds very feminine, but the Shakespeare association would keep me from using it anywhere but the middle spot. The very similar sounding Sibylline might make a cool word-name.
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    Yeah, I have days where I think Cymbeline would make a great girls name. I think it’s because it reminds me a bit of Thumbelina (which as a kid I always thought was Thimbelina). I also think that the average person would find Cymbeline very feminine on a guy but…. and esp with the movie coming out… I think Cymbeline is a prominent masculine character with very few other associations connected to it. I’d keep it for a boy.
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    Personally I love it for a girl. Absolutely love it.

    I've known way three girl Tristans, all of whom really like their name. I've known a ton of girl Ashleys, Kellys, Carys, Kimberleys etc. All these names started out as boy names, even fairly popular boy names.

    Cymbeline to the modern ear sounds feminine, and beautiful. As a man's name it's not very well known, and never has been. It has an interesting meaning and history. I adore Shakespeare and have also seen Cymbeline preformed. However that would absolutely not stop me from naming my daughter Cymbeline. (If my husband is was on board, but he's not).

    Personally I think it's a jewel of a name. It's beautiful, and elegant with out being overly frilly. It has an interesting meaning, and history. Distinctive with out sounding like it's trying to hard. It's just a wonderful intelligent, intriguing, and graceful name.

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    It sounds like it could be a medicine name. Too much cymbal/symbol for me. I see why you like it though!
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