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    I've got Cymbeline on the brain and would love to hear others thoughts. It sounds so feminine and so whimsy to my ears yet it is in fact a male name from a Shakespearian play... Do you think that makes it a no no for a girl? Nicknames: cymba/Simba, Bell? Any other ideas? I think it's so pretty... In the same vein as Delphine or Celestine but with a hint of added Thumbelina fairy tale whimsy what do you think?

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    Personally, yes, I do think it's a bad idea for a girl since the character was male. I agree it has a nice sound though and oh, I do wish it were usable for a boy. But I'm a huge Shakespeare fan (just look at my signature) and have actually seen Cymbeline; I don't think it's a connection most people will make. Certainly most people I know IRL wouldn't, especially since it's one of the most rarely performed Shakespeare plays. Though he's the title character, Cymbeline actually isn't the most important character in it nor the one with the most lines (that'd be his daughter Imogen, sometimes Innogen, if I remember correctly).
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    It's probably worth noting that there's a Cymbeline movie coming out this year with some pretty well-known actors. Ed Harris is playing Cymbeline:

    I've read the play a few times. It might be sacrilegious, but I don't hate Cymbeline on a girl. However, I prefer Imogen.

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    hear too much symbol, plus spelling problems
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    I can definitely see the appeal. It comes from the name of a British chieftain, Cunobelinus, but obviously most people won't know that.

    If there's going to be a movie you like Cybele?

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