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    I actually love Frozen and think it is a high quality movie. I love the character Elsa and if you see the movie, the "magic" she does is really amazing and beautiful. I'd love to have the same name as her!
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    A few things:

    Elsa is a beautiful name - I love it, but I don't think the fact that there is a Disney princess (not even - she's a queen) with that name is going to do much. There was a blog on Nameberry the other day about princess names and how they haven't made as big of an impact as people seem to think.

    Item the second, Elsa is NOT evil. She is a loving sister and is trying to protect both her family and kingdom from her curse. There is a villain in the movie, but it is most certainly not Elsa. So don't feel like you're naming your daughter after a baddie.

    Third and final, I work for the Disney company and I can guarantee that Frozen isn't going anywhere anytime soon (in response to whoever said it will probably go the way of Wreck-It Ralph). The response to it has been insane! Everyone loves it. That being said, I would not let that fact dissuade you from using the name Elsa. It just exudes beauty and class to me and seems timeless. Not everyone will be naming their kid Elsa, since there are still people who find it old and "fusty" (ie my husband. Sigh) If you REALLY love it and have your heart set on it, use it! No one is going to care in the long run if it happens to be in a Disney film.
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    Well Thursday’s “Bonus Blog” should be right up your alley then:

    Very timely for your concerns, I think.

    That said I think ruined is maybe a tad dramatic - though might not seem that way with pregnancy hormones. What do I know. I know and adult Elsa and she was thrilled to have a character with her name in a Disney movie. She felt that it would make it less “old fashioned” sounding but she (and I agree with her) don’t think it’s going to sky rocket.
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    Everything that @Julylacs said. Elsa is a great character - and how awesome that your daughter would share her name with the first Disney Queen that isn't evil!

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    The movie is actually what made me fall in love with the name! If I didnt have an Isla I would name my dd that!

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