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    Hayes does sound like Haze as a FN. However, as a middle, it sounds very distinguished. Hayes could be a family name. As a middle, it's fine.

    I much prefer Weston. Westyn/ Westin looks too kree8f to me. Weston, Wes, West. Love it. (One of my personal faves, but my hubby won't agree to it).

    Hudson and Weston would be fine as a sibset. If you plan to try for baby #3, I'd advise against another -n name, because it would be a bit overly alliterative, at least for my taste.

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    I like the sound of Wesley as well. It is wise to keep in mind that Methodism's "founder" (for lack of a better word) was John Wesley. The name Wesley has some cultural/ religious ties for a substantial portion of the population.

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    I love Weston but I'm a little biased since it's my son's name :P
    I also think that Hayes won't have a problem with 'Haze' in the middle spot!
    Griffin is also a great name and I would encourage you to use it but for selfish reasons because I don't want Weston to gain in popularity!
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