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    Thoughts on Weston/Westyn? Does Hayes make you think Haze?

    I am loving the feedback on this board So many helpful and thoughtful responses--thank you!

    My husband mentioned he likes the name Weston/Westin/Westyn--which I think is cute for the nn Westie or West. But I have a 3 year old named Hudson. Are they just too close to work? I mean, I know I will be saying their names together all the time "Hudson and Westyn..." but I know other people/teachers won't be.

    A few responses have me worried about the name Hayes-- that people will think it is Haze when he tells them his name. Thoughts on this??

    Griffin still seems to be pretty solid.

    THANK YOU! I truly appreciate it!

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    Hudson and Weston sound fine together, as n try not to let my love of Weston influence this response hehe. Objectively, if it doesn't bother you, and you still love both names, they do not seem too matcha at all in my opinion. Then by all means, use Weston if you love it.
    Weston Hayes is awesome, and Hayes happens to be another one of my favorites. never thought of haze...
    I wouldn't spell it with a y, just the ON for Weston.

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    for me they are too close.

    and yes to me:

    Hayes = Haze = Stoner Name
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    Hudson and Weston sound fine together! I love Weston, and Wesley for that matter. I didn't think of Haze, but if that concerns you, it would work well in the middle spot. Weston Hayes sounds great! Griffin is a great name too, but I like Weston better.

    If you do pick Weston, please spell it with an -on. To me, the -yn is very feminine.
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    I like Weston! I'm not a huge fan of the 2-syllable, -n ending pattern with Hudson, but it's not that bad. Plus, Griffin is also 2 syllables and ends in n and Hayes has the same first letter as Hudson, so Weston isn't any closer than the other two. If you're that concerned, Wesley or Westley would make a good alternative. I would most definitely spell it Weston, not Westyn.

    I love the name Hayes. To me, it's a surname, not a word name, but it is a homophone to Haze. I could see someone making the mistake if they hadn't seen the name on paper. However, I don't think it's that big of a deal, at all. He can just explain that it's "Hayes" not "Haze" if anyone makes that mistake.

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