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    Is Sherlock ever usable?

    I've seen several people posting that they really like the name Sherlock, and even a few suggesting it for use. I personally love the name. I've been a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes since I started reading the books back in middle school. Now, with the BBC show, Sherlock Holmes is getting even more popular.

    As much as I love the name, though, I'm not sure if I would ever use it. Maybe as a middle name? I've also toyed around with using Lock as a subtle nod to Sherlock. Lock could also be used as a nickname even with the full name of Sherlock.

    Anyway, what does everyone else think? Would you ever use Sherlock? What would you think if you met someone named Sherlock?

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    I personally would never use it because I think it would always be associated with Sherlock Holmes.

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    I think it could be a cool middle name, but it's a bit too tied to the character to be a first name, IMO. Locke is a nice alternative. I do like the sound, and I would be happy to meet a little Sherlock, but I would definitely think the parents were hardcore fans of the show/movies or Arthur Conan Doyle.
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    I have it in the middle for some of my combos I'm tinkering with, but it's not making the cut.

    One of my friends that doesn't live in the US recently named his boy twin Devlin Sherlock. ^_^ AND I've known a Sherlock for a while that's about my age (his siblings have pretty out there names too). People call him by his whole name often simply for the novelty I think and Lock sometimes. He seems to get a good numbers of "Elementary" remarks >.< -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Not on a human but I think Mycroft and Sherlock would be outstanding names for pets, I'm imagining kitten siblings.
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