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    for now I’m going to put how I feel about unisex names aside. Like them or not they really don’t have much to do with if Spencer should make your consideration list. And, I don’t think it should…
    1) Audrey, Iris, Violet are such beautiful feminine names and Vivian really has “gone to the girls” - as people would be more surprised to find it on a boy than a girl. Spencer is really unisex and for that reason alone doesn’t fit in with your other girls names. If you choose to use Spencer for a girl this time around but wanted to used Audrey for a second daughter down the line I’d assume you have two son’s Jack and Spencer and a daughter Audrey. I think sticking with names that are equally feminine would be beneficial. Also not all but many berries with unisex or boys names have mentioned that they hated them growing up and wish they had had something girlier.
    2) And more importantly. Your husband dislikes Spencer even for a boy. I would mark it off as a temporary crush and focus on the great list of Iris, Violet, Vivan and Audrey.
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    Spencer on a boy is wonderful. I think it is soooo bad on a girl, but I despise boys names on girls.

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    i love it!

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    I'm usually very open to these sort of things, but all I can think of is Spencer Tracey. I'm sorry, but setting that aside, the world is a lot more open to the idea. I think employers have come to an acceptance in regard to same sex names. Now a days you have to mark your sex on all types of application. As for formal introduction, you needed it worry, since she would be in person. My fn is Winter, and it original was a boys name. Names evolve, and several times throughout history, it was increasingly popular to bestow your daughter with masculine names, even pre-1900's. Those who aren't familiar with it will have problems, but that is just because they aren't educated adversely in history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    Vivian really has “gone to the girls” - as people would be more surprised to find it on a boy than a girl
    I was ignorant to its origins as a boy name, I saw Vivian listed as boy on here and I was like wtf? Then I saw it used to be on the ssa list in the early 1900s and my mind was blown.

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