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    Please tell me that I'm crazy!

    So we had our final list all narrowed down for girl names- Audrey, Hazel, Iris, Violet, and Vivian- and then I was reading different threads on here and saw a name that I absolutely love for a girl, Spencer.

    It's definitely not my usual style and is a total boys name. Typically I actually like boy names on girls- Blake, Drew, Cameron, Sawyer- but I never thought this name was one that could work on a girl. My husband would never agree to add it to our list and I think it would totally confuse people when they read Spencer and expect a boy but get a girl. Please confirm that this is ridiculous, what your first impression of a girl with this name would be, and whether or not this is a bad idea!

    Maybe I'm subconsciously throwing curveballs to myself since I'm having such a hard time narrowing down our list even further.

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    You're crazy. You're welcome

    1. My first impression... well I'd roll my eyes whilst trying to be polite.
    2. Yes it's a bad idea.

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    You're NOT crazy Spencer is my middle name and I absolutely LOVE it! I want to name my baby girl Spencer so badly but my last name is Schneider so that is just a little too matchy when you say the two together. Also, if you're familiar with the show Pretty Little Liars, one of the 4 main characters is named Spencer, they call her "Spence" from time to time and she's my favorite character on the show - so put together and smart. She will make you love the name even more I think you should totally do it.

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    Eh, I dislike it. I heard it used on a girl a few years ago and thought it was particularly bad, honestly. I'm against boy-names-on-girls as a whole, I know there's a huge discussion but it comes down to the fact it's sexist.

    Iris, Violet etc are gorgeous.

    Plus it's unusable in the UK anyway because of Marks and Spencers'
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    I'm okay with unisex names, so I wouldn't call it a horrible idea.

    However, I do think you are right and are maybe psyching yourself out since you're having trouble narrowing down your list as it stands. If your husband doesn't like it, then it's probably not realistic anyhow.
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