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    Somewhere back on my mom's side I have a Scottish great-great aunt named Ailsie which I have always liked. My great-grandfather is named Emil and he was from Sweden.
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    My great grandmother was Alwilda and her daughter was Romaine. I don't think we'll be passing those along!

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    There's a Rozilla in my family tree, which has always reminded me slightly of Godzilla.

    I also have ancestors, a pair of brothers, named Merlin and Arthur. Always got a chuckle out of that
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    My great-grandma's name was Rhe@, pronounced diarrhea.

    Another great-grandma (who I'm technically named after) was named C@therine Missouri. Yep, Missouri was her middle name. What's really weird about it is that my family isn't even from Missouri, we're from Ohio...I've asked around and nobody still alive knows why Missouri.

    This isn't my family really, but my MIL's boyfriend is called Sk1p. I don't know if it's his real legal name or not, I've always been too nervous to ask!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliawilliams View Post
    There's a Rozilla in my family tree, which has always reminded me slightly of Godzilla.
    I think Rozilla may be the winner so far. Very Godzillla!! ha!!

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