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    I've got some good ones on my mother's side...

    My beautiful grandma was Seb astiana, which she absolutely hated. She took great pride naming a lot of us hehe... Her children are Jos é Carl os, Carl os Orle ans, goes by Orle ans, Ce lso Ant ônio and my mother Elizab eth Cris tina. As for female cousins Raíssa (pronounced Hah-ee-ssa), Gi gliola, she goes by Gi ly, Gi, Gigi and sisters Grazi elly, nickname Grazi which is adorbs, and another sister May ara, nickname May (pronounced Mai). Males Leonar do, Ia go, Alex ander. My brothers Paulo Gio vanny & Kay o. Can't forget my own, Thaís.

    On my dad's side I have an aunt Sora ia, a cousin Mari a Eugê nia, she goes by her full name, which I find beautiful. Just to name a few.
    My boys, Bam & Archer.

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    my grandma is one of 5 their names are
    Michael David
    Margaret Jacqueline (goes by Jackie, my great grandma was Margaret Doreen and was known as Dodi)
    Pamela Rosalind (my grandma)
    Frances Cynthia (goes by Cynthi)
    Graham Norman
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    All of my father's sisters were named after birds: Lark, Robin, Bobbi, Wren. My father's name was LaMont and my mother's name is Tossie (an interpretation of Kathy). My husband's dad's name is Buck, and his grandfather was named Irvin.
    Other names in the family history are Eward, Apollonia, and Pearl Harpo. Yeah.
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    I don't know if this kind of thing is exactly what you were looking for but my sister's husband had been previously married and his ex- wife has the same first, middle (and now last) name as my sister! My aunt remarried and her new husband shares the same name as her ex-husband! My brother divorced his wife and got into a serious relationship with another girl of the same name as his ex-wife! His best friend divorced and recently remarried a new wife with the same name as his ex-wife and daughter! I am not kidding or making this up! I have a theory about it all that names are so telling of a person's culture, socioeconomic background, age etc. that it actually kind of makes sense that someone would choose the same name in a partner more than once in life!?

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    Grandmother Jean Winifred
    Grandmother Annie Olis
    grandfather John
    grandfather Antone
    other relatives- Winona, Alvin, Franklin, Betty Lou, Martha Flynn, Rudolph, Rosie, Henry, Victoria, Ritchie, Dell's, Mollie

    Great grandparents Evaline and Wilfred
    great great grandparents Edmund and Eva Margret and John
    ggg grandparents Martha and George (lol)
    Hubbard and Emily
    gggg grandparents Fredrick and Caroline
    ggggg grandparents Lewis and Aurelia
    other ancestors Gertrude, Archibald, Mary, Lulu, Mariah, Emma, Thomas, James Grover, Hannah, Daniel, Elizabeth, Catherine, William, Mary
    love this: Stoffle Dircksen Longstreet and Moyka Lane
    Other Dutch ancestors: Tryntje, Janse
    This one is a mouthful:
    Willemptje Adrians Thys Laen Van Pelt
    More Dutch ancestors: John, Sarah, Guisbert,
    Elizabeth, Magdalena, William, Cornelius, Janaetje, Okey, Evertse, Geesie, Teuntje, Mayke, Annetje, Francyntje, Jannetje, Sarah Roelofse, Katherine, Jan Roe, Daniel, Hendrick, Engeltje, Jane, Maritia, Joanna, Cornelius, Sonnetje, Lambert Barentse, Senorita Y Nadal, Barent Rutgerse Hendickse married to Neeltje Evertse, his father Rutgers married Gennetje Beekman, Henrij, which leads to Henrich von Nydeck

    Totally wish I knew how to pronounce some of these names.

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