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    I think you should tell your husband your feelings about John. You deserve to like the name too and it definitely shouldn't make you sad. You could always use John Henry for the middle names as a nice compromise. Now, what boys names do you like?

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    I somewhat understand how you feel. Most of my favorites are classics, but not very popular and a little quirky. The odd thing is, maybe in the past year, I've really begun to love John which goes against everything I believe in when it comes to names. It's traditional, widely used and widely popular. But the name itself, I just love. It's strong and masculine and oddly, I love all the rich history behind the name. I love the idea of using the nickname Johnny or JJ (James would most likely be the middle name). That being said, while it's in my top names and it's definitely a name I will consider, I'm weary about "pulling the trigger" because it IS so different than my other choices and it IS so traditional and widely used.

    If you have such strong reservations that it's making you SAD, that simply not okay. Your feelings are just as important as your husband's and I understand you don't want to hurt his feelings, but you don't want to live with a lifetime of regret simply because you didn't want to upset him.

    I like the suggestion of Ewan, which has actually been on my list. Same with Ian. Oddly enough though, I feel that Henry John fit the best with your daughter's names. Yes, they're classic yet a little "quirkier" than Henry, but they all feel from the same circle and I LOVE the idea of calling him Harry which has that spunkier feel, in my opinion. Cora, Matilda and Harry sound amazing together. Just something to consider.
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    I like the earlier suggestions of variations for John Henry. Is your husband dead-set on it, or would he settle happily for one of those?

    If it's a your first boy after two girls, your husband is probably feeling extra special and strong about the name - it'll be the boy he's always wanted. Make sure you take his feelings strongly into consideration, since this is a really big deal for him. It will do wonders for your marriage, especially if you let him know that you'll love the name BECAUSE he picked and loves it.

    Just a thought.

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    Maybe John could be the middle name? Some names that go well with your girls are:

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    Well, I understand how you feel. It was a nightmare naming my daughter. My husband just didn't love any names until I suggested her name. Then, he would not budge. I kind of think this is pretty common.

    I happen to think John Henry is absolutely fabulous! It is classic, warm and fuzzy, cozy, and ageless. It also sounds great with your daughters' names. Your husband seems to love the name. Are you willing to take one for the team and let him use it? Both of you need to like the name, but some people feel more strongly about the issue than the other. My vote would be to use John Henry.

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