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    I'm Erinn!

    Obviously, people spell my name wrong all the time. People who just meet me write it as 'Erin.' People who know it's spelled weird but aren't sure spell it as 'Errin.' People spell it wrong on my Facebook wall too, which never fails to amuse me: my name is listed right there!

    The spelling has always set me apart, which can be good and bad. It's annoying to be called "Erinn with two n's" a lot, but it also can be a good conversation starter, and it does separate me from other Erins. I think my name looks more symmetric than Erin.

    If I were to have a kid, I'd name him/her with the most phonetic spelling possible. My sister is Shanley, and although that's an unusual name, no one really spells it incorrectly, and that's the kind of name I'd look for. You know what's worse than not finding knick-knacks with your name on it? Almost finding knick-knacks with your name on it. And people buying 'Erin' stuff for you anyway! To me, Erin just isn't my name!

    As for the name itself, I don't have a problem with it. It's generic. I've never wanted to be anything else.
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    I was Victoria with a filler middle name. I hated it enough to change it. Occasionally people who knew me since childhood will still use this name and it's like a punch in the stomach every time. I hate it with a passion that borders on indescribable. It doesn't help that it's the name of a state in this country, nor that there's a town by the same name not an hour away from where I grew up. I was teased relentlessly in school (though I suspect I'd have been teased regardless of my name, but it certainly didn't help) and even by friend's parents. I got called Elizabeth (not bad ) Queeny, Queensland, asked if I was from there, people assumed I was posh because I had a posh name (and that got way worse once the spice girls came out!) etc etc.
    I did get a lot of compliments on the name usually from older people, but I don't understand the draw. It's a boring wallflower name that everyone has heard. I might have liked it better if I thought my mum had actually wanted me called that, but it was my dad's choice, and the guy was an arsehat.

    My new name? I love my name! Miriam, nn Miri. It's easy to love it when you choose it yourself. The only Miriams I ever meet are in their 80s or beyond and the only taunts I've heard were for a while people asked my if I was a tranny. I think it had something to do with a tv show or movie that has fallen out of popularity. Either way I love it.

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    My name is Michelle, with no middle.

    What I like:
    - It's uncommon where I live (Italy). This year I just entered a new school - new people, new teachers etc. Everyone was having a hard time with names (Are you Anna? No, Irene) (I think Eleonora was the one with glasses and curly hair) (Giulia? Are you Giulia M. or Giulia T.?). But everyone remembered my name, ha!
    - The nickname Shell.
    - The Beatles' song.
    - The character in 24.

    What I dislike:
    - The meaning (Who is like god?)

    Does it fit me?
    Partially. I think Michelle is a cheery, happy, sweet, extrovert name.
    I'm cheery, happy, sweet, in an introvert way.

    - It contains the word Hell. (No-one has noticed yet!)
    - It's similar to the Italian version of Micheal (Michele).

    That's about it. I like my name. I do not love it, though.
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    I have mixed feelings about my name - Emily - in some ways I love it is sweet and feminine without being too over the top. However, i really dislike the nicknames Em and emmy and it's irritating when people automatically shorten it. I dislike how popular it is where I live (England) as well, In one of my classes at school this year over a quarter of the class is called Emily! At the same time I think it suits me and I really can't imagine changing it.
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    Good way of doing this, Cloverish! I borrowed your form

    My name is Karen Rose, nicknamed Ren. My friends (and teachers) use/d my nickname and my family use Karen. Nanna, a Rose herself, would hyphen the whole thing in birthday/Christmas cards.

    What I like:
    - It can be shortened to Ren. I don't love it, but it's better than Karen and better than renaming myself something completely different.
    - I only knew of one other Karen in the entire time I spent at school.
    - I am the fifth generation to have Rose in my name somewhere. I love tradition, so my first daughter will have Rose as a middle name too.
    - Split into two syllables (or just using Ren), it has a meaning in Japanese and Chinese. I've always loved learning about both cultures, so this makes me happy.

    What I dislike:
    - I have never liked the letter 'k' or names that start with it. It's so sharp! I hate writing it. Given a legitimate spelling choice e.g Catherine or Katherine, I will always pick the 'c' name.
    - Some American accents warp the 'a' so much it makes me cringe.
    - People mishear Ren a lot, and I often have to say it twice before people understand me. Oddly enough, it's never been spelt wrong.

    Does it fit me?
    - I think any (ordinary) name can suit anyone (ignoring stuff like Rainbow Firebolt Moonsweeper) For example, if my Dad had chosen Dawn instead of Karen I'd still be the same person, though I might hate my name slightly more. I really don't like 'd' girl names, lol.

    - There is a horrible accent here called Scouse and in school people attempted to call me 'Kazza' which (alongside being horrid in general) sounds ghastly in Scouse.

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