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    Sarah Joann

    I've ways liked my name and have been quite pleased to have the 'h'. My middle name I don't love or dislike. I'm glad it's not my first name though. I think it's too simple to possibly be my name.

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    I was born in the early 1980s in the U.S., and my name is Nicole.

    As a child, I disliked my name. I was one of three girls in my class with the name Nicole, so I was ALWAYS known as "Nicole P.," which generates a lot of unflattering bathroom humor in the elementary years: Nicole PEE!

    I also felt it was so boring and common, and that I must not have been very "special" because my parents picked such a common name.

    Also, I detested Nicki. No one ever called me that twice! I just was not a Nicki.

    I learned later that I was almost named Carma. Before that, my Dad was apparently set in naming me Sherry because of the song by the Four Seasons ("Sherry ... Sherry Baby!")

    The older I get, the more I love my name. Nicole fits me perfectly. I like how the name is strong, yet femine. It has the beautiful connection with Saint Nicholas ... and a lovely French vibe!

    I am very grateful I am neither Carma nor Sherry.

    So ... ultimately ... I fell in love with my first name. It only took about three decades.

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    I used to dislike my name, F@ye, because its short, plain & no nn potential. My sister has the much frillier &, I used to think lovelier, Fel!city.

    Now though, I think my mum got our names the right way round. It suits me, no one ever forgets my name, its not that common & to be honest the people close to you rarely call you by your given name. Although if OH calls me Cuddles or Dumpling one more time...

    Fliss also really fits her name, though is continually frustrated by lazy pronunciation, instead of Fel- iss- ity she gets Fliss-ty, still they dont often get it wrong twice

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    I'm an Olivia.

    It's popular worldwide because it's such a perfect name, I genuinely love it.
    Rosemary / Briar / Evangeline / Sibyl / Alba

    (im twenty and live in london. names calm my soul.)

    Isidore / Emmett / Hugh / Wilfred / Oberon

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    I'm Naomi. As a kid, I didn't think about it. When I started thinking about it, I didn't like it. It wasn't a "cool" or "pretty" or "popular" girl's name. People always mispronounced it, too, and often misspelled it. People called me Nomes and "I Moan".

    Over time, I've begun to like it. It's not too common. It's a very old name but looks kind of modern, especially with the -i ending. It has a nice meaning ("pleasantness" in Hebrew). It's cool because it has 5 letter but 3 syllables. Both the consonants are nasal consonants, which explains why people often made the whole thing sound like it was coming out their nose (NY-omi, N-yo-mi).

    A while back, I found out that it was not only Hebrew but also Japanese. I thought that was really cool. The Japanese meaning is also nice (nao = "honest, straight" and mi = "beauty") - honesty and beauty are really important to me.

    I've also found out that many interpretations of my name match up with my personality. Some of them are spookily accurate.

    I also recently discovered that in addition to Naomi being chosen by my parents because it was a Biblical name, my dad actually really liked it because he'd known a lady called Naomi who was a lovely person.

    I'd recommend people use it for their daughters nowadays. I'm looking forward to being a teacher who has the same name as a student! Maybe it'll finally be a "cool" name!
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