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  • Dulcie Florence Sixtine

    7 10.77%
  • Sofia Florence Isaline

    21 32.31%
  • Isaline Agatha Lux

    20 30.77%
  • Raphaela Sixtine

    10 15.38%
  • Annabel Sixtine

    29 44.62%
  • Dulcie Sixtine

    3 4.62%
  • Florence Ophelie

    20 30.77%
  • other (suggest below, preferably using our names)

    3 4.62%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Poll: future sister for Leo and Juliet?

    Just trying to form a firm top 5 for a possible baby #3! She'd be half French and a little sister for Leonard Cyrille and Juliet Sylvia Perrine. Surname is 1 syllable (and not specifically French or English sounding).

    Sixtine is a name which I am completely in love with (pn sees-teen), and I'd use it in the first spot if we didn't live in the UK at the minute, where it is totally unusable. It will most likely be in the middle for another girl, although we're not sure if she'd have one or two middle names.

    Isaline = ee-saah-leen in French accent.
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    Isaline Agatha Lux or Raphaela Sixtine would be my choice.
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    I think the three names below would be lovely additions to a family with a Leo and Juliet!

    1 Annabel
    2 Raphaela
    3 Florence
    All the best,

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    Isaline Ophelie would be gorgeous.
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