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Thread: Cloth Diapers

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    Cloth Diapers

    We're living in central China, where diapers aren't popular. Actually, they simply don't sew up the crotch of the pants (these are called 'split-bottom pants'), and let the kids pee/poop everywhere. Being quite American, I could never do it... Although there are more diapers than in the past, they're really, really expensive when you compare it to the average income. So, we've been looking into cloth diapers. We want something somewhat easy, but mostly just with few leaks.

    It's hard for us to get the cloth diapers... we have to have a friend carry them back when they vacation in the US (if they're mailed, we have to pay huge taxes). Disposable inserts aren't an option, as we can't get enough brought back. So far, we've ordered 12 BumGenius One-Size Snap Closure Diaper 4.0s, as they seemed to have very good reviews. I was looking at Gdiapers and Charlie Bananas, but I'm just so not sure. Does anyone have any experience and recommendations? Thanks!
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    I don't have any children so I don't actually cloth diaper myself but I'm very interested in cloth diapering so I've done some research. I've found that everyone has their own opinion on what is best and that I need to decide for myself what works. I googled some information and reviews and came across this lady who I thought does a great job of explaining a TON of diapers and why she did/didn't like each of them. You might give it a try:

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    My sister just gave us two One Size Bum Genius All In Ones- they are amazing. She is using them on her 10lb two month old and we are using them on our 30lb two year old! So the size range is just incredible. They work really well, no leaks, easy to clean, nothing to stuff. She bought them used, you can't tell that they have been used. I would say that these are definitely a good investment, especially worth it if you are planning to have multiple children.

    I HATE gdiapers. They are the worst diaper I have ever tried. There is a sort of plastic hammock that holds the insert and this chafes the poor baby. They leak on top of that. I really have nothing good to say about them. They are cute. That's it.

    I have not tried the Tommy Bananas. I haven't heard of those- do you maybe mean Charlie Banana? I have heard that those don't last through multiple babies.

    We mostly use a prefold folded into thirds lengthwise laid inside Thirsties covers. The big advantage to this is that both the cover and the prefold dry very quickly when you line dry them. I don't know if you have access to a clothes drier, so this might be a plus for you. The Bum Genius All In One does take longer to dry.

    We have also used Fuzzi Bunz pockets, but our son grew out of these by his first birthday- the rise was just too short. And having tried the Bum Genius, I would not buy Fuzzi Bunz again.

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    I use Tots Bots Bamboozles to begin with, with Motherease wraps. Great for breastfeeding type poos. And then Bum Genius once they start weaning. Have used them for all 4 kids, brilliant.
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    I've used the bumGenius diapers on 2 kids (after trying many other brands) and love them. Just ordered some more for this babe!

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