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    Unique but not weird...please help!

    We are expecting Boy #2 in a couple months and I am SPLIT between these names. Big brother is Hudson, a name we LOVE but wish it wasn't getting so popular nowadays. I have a very unique first name, so I like the idea of having a name that is a bit different where there won't be many multiples in his classes. Thing is, I also want a name that people can pronounce and spell with relative ease, as I didn't have that growing up Our last name starts with a b and ends with a k, so I would prefer that the first name didn't start with B.

    Here are the top contenders:
    1. Griffin: My mom LOVES this name, as does my son, but I've heard it around lately more and more. I like the nn Grif better than Finn (Finn and Hudson is a little too Glee character)

    2. Hayes: I think Hudson and Hayes sounds pretty adorable. I haven't heard it much at all, but worry it is too 'out there'. I do like how it sounds, though

    3. Chase/Kase/: My husband really likes Chase. I had thought about 'Jace' for a while, but with the Duck Dynasty trend, we ruled it out. I also like 'Kase' but it might just get mistaken for Chase all the time anyway. Chase is pretty common, so I am still looking for names that have similar sounds without being in the Top 100

    I'd love your thoughts! Thank you!

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    Hayes is far and wide my favorite of the 3. Hope that helps!

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    I love Hayes. 2nd choice would be Griffin. I'm not a fan of Kase/Chase. I wouldn't use Jace either because it's the name of one of the babies from Teen Mom 2. It has been growing in popularity from that show too.
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    Cabot? Wouldn't hurt to have another little explorer in the family.

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    Another vote for Hayes. Jace and all its ilk are becoming massively popular. Griffin is a perfectly good name, but with Hudson, I prefer Hayes.
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