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    Smile Middle name help!

    Celestia is a name on my list, but my husband and I still haven't settled on a middle name. We decided we want to use a nature/word name or a nature related name. So far we have Celestia Primrose and Celestia Wren, but we're not sure if either is "the one". Any suggestions and combo ideas would be great! Lotus is another name on our list so unusual is okay! Thanks.
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    I like the sound of both...Wren is one of my favorite nature names right now. Other nature/word names that you could consider are:

    Celestia Isle
    Celestia Dove
    Celestia Lark
    Celestia Juniper
    Celestia Poet
    Celestia Spring
    Celestia Sonnet
    Celestia Lyric (or Lyra)

    Congrats by the way!
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    Thanks everyone! I'll bring these to my husband. Any more?
    Ophelia, twenty-seven.
    Expecting a little princess in April!

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