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Thread: Russian Names

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    Russian Names

    Hey all,
    I find myself liking Russian names recently (probably because I read Anna Karenina...that book is amazing and so are their names! ) So I was wondering what Russian names you know/recommend. Thanks!
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    I don't like many Russian names, probably because I'm Russian myself and most of them sound very plain and boring to me. However, I do have a few favorites.

    Eva (Russian pronunciation is YE-vah)
    Veronika (Ve-ro-NEE-ka)
    Sonia (in fact it's a nickname used in Russia for Sofya/Sofia)

    Daniil (Dah-nee-EEL)
    Misha (nickname for Mikhail)
    Slava (SLAH-vah, "fame", used as a nickname for various longer forms)
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    renrose Guest
    Vasiliy I love it.

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    Also, I came across a list of old Slavic names not long ago. Most of them are rarely used today, but I've found some quite interesting. So maybe it helps too.

    Zabava (Zah-BAH-vah, "fun")
    Zlata (ZLAH-tah, "golden", still used sometimes)
    Zima (Zee-MAH, "winter")
    Lada (LAH-dah)
    Rada (RAH-dah, "joy")

    Bogdan ("God-given")
    Gromoboy (Groh-moh-BOY, means "the one who fights thunder")
    Danko (DAHN-ko)
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