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    A name that exists in more than one language?

    I was wandering around the planet believing that my name - Naomi - was Hebrew and meant "pleasantness" or "pleasant one".

    Then a Japanese fellow I knew asked me why I had a Japanese name. I looked it up and found that Naomi is a unisex name in Japanese. One way of writing it is:


    where 直 (nao) means "honest, straight" and 美 (mi) means "beautiful".

    Do you know of any other names like this?
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    Ciara has a few incarnations in different languages, same sound but different spelling.

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    Asa is a male Hebrew name meaning doctor, but it is a female Japanese name meaning morning (also a word) but said ah-suh.

    Kaia/Kaiya/Caia all sound the same but mean several things in different languages.

    Mina is both a diminutive of names ending in -mina (Wilhelmina, Philomena) and means 'fish' in Sanskrit.

    Ami means either 'second beautiful' or 'Asia beautiful' in Japanese, a male name in Hebrew meaning 'trustworthy, and a variation of Amy (which means beloved.)

    Chika is both a Japanese name with several meanings (depending on the Kanji) and also an Igbo (West African language) name meaning 'God is the greatest'.

    Hana means 'bliss' in Arabic and 'flower' in Japanese, as well as being an Eastern European variation of Hannah.
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    Neil/Neel - Neil is an Irish and Scottish name meaning either "champion" or "cloud" and Neel is a Hindi name meaning "blue" (okay, they are spelled differently, but sound the same)

    Sheila/Sheela/Shila - Sheila is a Celtic variant of Cecelia and Sheela/Shila is a Hindi name meaning "character, conduct" (according to Behind The Name).

    Noa is a girls' name in both Hebrew (female version of Noah) and Japanese.

    Gitta is a short-form for the German name Brigitte/Brigitta (pronounced Brih-GEE-tuh) and Gita is a Hindi name meaning song. They sound the same, but one is obviously a nickname.
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    The first one I thought of was Kai meaning sea in Hawaiian, forgiveness in Japanese, willow tree in Navajo, and earth in Scandinavian.
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