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    Lightbulb A girls name in honor of a great man

    Help! My Grandfather, whom I was extremely close to, passed away a year ago and I want to honor him by naming my baby after him in some way. I have a boys name picked out but my husband and I are struggling to agree on a girls name. My grandfather was named Ronald Stanley, although most just knew him as Ron. Whatever the name it must suit the middle name Lavinia.

    I already have two boys, both with unusual Irish names and would prefer something similar for my third child too (flexible on the Irish thing). So far the only name we are even close to agreeing on is Roan (pron. Rowan) but I don't know if that's too far removed from the name Ron or not?

    Any ideas?

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    What a wonderful idea to honor your grandfather. How about:

    Rhonwen (Welsh)
    Bronwen (Welsh)
    Rona or Rhona (Scottish)
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    I like the name Rhonda as I way to honor a Ronald.
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    Veronica goes well with Lavinia.

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