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Thread: Middle Names!

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    Middle Names!

    What's yours and how has it affected your opinion on them?

    My middle name is Louise and while the name is okay, it is super common and I have met/know of at least a dozen other women with this as their middle name and it has made really conscious of giving my future children more interesting or unique middle names.

    Any of you have the same issue, or the opposite with having a very unusual middle and not liking it?
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    I'm a girl and my middle name is Solomon.

    It was my mother's maiden name and it has history as a given name on both sides of the family (for dudes, needless to say). It is coupled with a very uncommon first name and as a kid I would have preferred if one of them had been more mainstream. [Normal Name] Solomon, or [Wacky Name] Sue, you know?

    I certainly couldn't retreat from my quirky first to my middle like I could have if it were Lee or Anne or something. My sister's FN was Top Ten common and her middle name was Rose and as a kid/teen I found that VASTLY unfair.

    Solomon has also been dicking up my paperwork well into adulthood. I don't think it's hard to spell, is it that friggin' hard to spell? My middle name got messed up ON MY MARRIAGE LICENSE. *weeps*

    I'm used to it by now.

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    I'm a girl and I have a very common boy's name as my middle. I hate it, particularly since my first name was one of the top 5 most popular girls names in the year I was born. My brother has an uncommon, but recognizable first name and a relatively unknown family name for a middle. I always felt it was unfair.

    I will most likely give my children a normal, but not super popular or "filler" middle name or no middle name at all. I haven't quite decided yet. My partner doesn't have a middle name and just doesn't get why we need one.

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    My dad got to choose my first name and mom added my mn much latter. I love Angelina but I know too many girls with this name or similar (Angela, Angelica, etc).

    I tend to love long and feminine names (like mine), but for my future children, I'll definitely look for something less common.
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    My middle name is Elizabeth. My mom named me after her two brides maids who were her sister in-law and her then best friend. What's funny is she can't stand either of those ladies now. She still manages to love my "regal" name as she calls it though.
    I've often felt like Elizabeth was a filler middle. I can't even begin to tell you how many ladies I've met in my 24 years with Elizabeth as their middle name. It's also often a middle for Catherine and all her variants (my first name is a variant). Kate Middleton anyone?
    That was a big reason for me not wanting to give it to my daughter. That and it felt weird to name my own baby after myself. So Arwen Elizabeth was originally Arwen Louisa, but my husband kept accidentally calling her Arwen Elizabeth and we ended up changing it legally when she was 4 weeks old. I don't feel so bad about her being named after me now since that was all his idea. lol

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