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Thread: My current list

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    My current list

    I have a couple of names that I love, but I'm still not sure on any of them.

    Lysander Gideon - My current favourite. nn would be Zander.
    Florin Jacobi - I love the feminine side of the name Florin
    Nicholas - I hate the nickname Nick, so...
    Sapphire - I just can't think of a good middle name! I really love it on a boy, but it's feminine and without a nickname I'm not sure the little one would appreciate it.

    Can you think of any others that might fit in with my current list?

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    Your style reminds me of something that I would find in a fantasy novel! I love it- Im not quite brave enough for these names myself, but I really do fancy them.

    Nicholas seems a little contemporary compared to your other names and unfortunately I dont think that you will be able to avoid nn Nick,
    Sapphire is very feminine, but with a good nickname it could work. The only nickname I can come up with is Sire, and I dont know how usable that is.

    Other names you might like:
    Lorcan( I always associate Lysander and Lorcan together)

    Am I close? Do these help?

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    Yes! These names are exactly what I was looking for hehe I've always loved Lorcan, and I like Laiken (as in werewolf) and Lorne too

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    I really like Lysander and Gideon, but I don't like them as a combo. I think for Lysander as a fn it needs a stronger name in the middle. Would you think of using Gideon as a fn? I personally don't like Sapphire on a boy, my suggestion is if you really like it for a boy maybe use it as a mn, like Gideon Sapphire.
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