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    Middle name for Everett?

    Okay so here it goes:
    My husband and I are TTC and already have one son named Leeland. If we get pregnant with another boy his first name will definitely be Everett. I am leaning towards using the name Yzerman (sounds like "Eye-zer-man") as his middle name. Reason being that my all time favorite hockey player ever is Steve Yzerman of the Detroit Red Wings. Has a lot of sentimental memories for me. What I'm wondering is if we use this name if it will throw people? Or do middle names not matter as much? I think Everett Yzerman sounds awesome together, but what do you think?!

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    I think it flows fine as far as how it sounds and looks. The syllables go together well when spoken, so technically, it sounds legit.
    if it holds that much sentimental value to you, and your significant other, and you both love it, go for it. The meaning is more important than the sound of it in this case.

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