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    As I said earlier I love Athena Rose but I want to echo the sentiment of francelise about Hazel. Naming trends come and go and you never know what will be popular in 20 years. When she's going off to college the same people who wrinkled their nose at Hazel now might be loving it then! I would go with what you and your partner really want. The only caveat to that is to be wary of really far out there type names or something that would generate a lot of teasing. But Hazel? C'mon it's pretty, easy to say and spell, not highly likely to inspire teasing. I say it's YOUR baby. Her name is your first gift to her. Go with your heart!

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    The problem is the boyfriend is the one who vetoed it most, pretty much saying absolutely not, under any circumstances. Then his brother and mom agreed (old person name!!!!), my boss agreed, and my friend and my mom's friend. I was pretty shocked at the reaction across the board. It was the name I wanted before I even got (unexpectedly) pregnant, so its super hard to let go of. It would HAVE to be in second place though, otherwise my bf is going to lose his mind. I guess it'd be like me going with one of his absolutely awful suggestions haha but his ARE truly awful :P :P His reasons for not liking Hazel are just bizarre. He says she'll be called a witch! To think of what rhymes with Hazel (umm... basil? seriously, I doubt a kid is going to think to use nasal as an insult. I don't think fear of this is legit at all)

    I'll compile the names here I really like and show him. I very well may stick Hazel as a second middle name, so I'm going to think about what would work with that too.

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    Well if the baby's dad vetoed it, it's another story, even if I agree with you that his case against Hazel seems hardly legit, but hey, baby naming is such a personal/ irrational thing that there's not much to object to one of the parents' veto ! That being said, you still have so many good names on your list that I'm sure you can find a compromise !
    And as I said on another post, I've had to let go of pretty much all the names I thought I would give to my baby boy (due in February) before I got pregnant ( firmly vetoed by my husband or 'stolen' by family) and though it was really hard to let go of "my' Paul or Felix, it may not be a bad thing eventually - because it forces us to maybe just welcome our little ones for who they are, not who we thought they'd be? Well, at least that's what I like to tell myself, if it's any help!
    Best of luck, you're going to be just fine !!!

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    I love Athena Rose. Even Athena Hazel is gorgeous.

    Have you thought of Adeline? It means hazel tree.

    Another mythological name to consider, Gaia. I think it's gorgeous and unusual. Mother Earth!
    Gaia Adeline Rose.
    Gaia Lucina Rose.
    Gaia Lucina Hazel.

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    What about Lucina Hazel? I think it's beautiful!

    or Ember Hazel

    or Althea Wren

    or Iris Athena
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