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    Lorelei and Archer: Your Opinion of My Faves

    After searching Nameberry for hours, I have finally found the perfect boys and girls name: Lorelei and Archer. Both these names are my total favorites for everything (naming children, naming characters, and just names I love). What I want is your opinion on these names. What do you like about Lorelei? What do you not like about it? What do you like and dislike about Archer? Thank you in advance!

    *I am not asking for opinions of these names together. Lorelei and Archer would not be a sibset. These names are completely separate.

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    I love Lorelei and Archer! Lorelei sounds rather like a mermaid name to me and it's so feminine and elegant. Archer is tough and daring, but it also has the amazing nickname Archie. Great names!
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    I like both. I think the meaning of Lorelei is a little strange, especially on a child, but children grow up. And, really, who cares about that? The name has a pretty sound, it's fairly uncommon, yet familiar. Archer is a little trendy-ish, which is kind of a turn-off to me, but I still like it. I like archery, so I guess that's why I think it's kind of cool. And, I know you specifically said you weren't asking about them as a sibset, but I think they would work fine together, for what it's worth.
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    I like them both, though I love Lorelei!

    I love the imagery I get from Lorelei, the way the sounds swim, all the vowels like waves between the alluring L's and R's. It's utterly enchanting. I like that it has lots of nickname options. If she wants to be sensible: Lora or Lori; tomboyish: Rory or Ori; feminine but simpler than Lorelei: Ora; sassy: Lola. And on and on. I really love Lorelei. The only downside is most people don't know it, and stumble over spelling or pronunciation. Those that do know it know it from Gilmore Girls, which isn't necessarily a bad association, but I'm sure it would be annoying to hear "oh like Gilmore Girls" for the hundredth time.

    Archer is cute. Definitely trendy and bordering on hipster. Those aren't bad things imo. I like the archery association. I'm an amateur archer myself, so I consider that a positive. The only real thing I dislike about Archer is the dreaded Archie nickname. I don't find it appealing at all.
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    I love them both. Lorelei is beautiful and Archer is a really cool name. I know a little boy called Archer and he's the cutest little thing and his mother and father are both so cool so I instantly think the name is kinda awesome because of them. I agree that the nickname Archie isn't that great but the Archer I know never gets called Archie, probably because it isn't any shorter, but they all call him Arch which is so much cooler than Archie!
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