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    Brother for Iris

    We're expecting another baby, a sibling for Iris Evelyn. We will not be finding out the sex, but girls names I find much easier! So I'm here to ask for help with boys names. I like classic and short boys' names. If Iris was a boy, she would have been Gus or George. I suppose Gus isn't very "classic" but it's short and masculine and we just liked it (and liked that it wasn't popular). Still like it, but I don't like that both Iris and Gus would end in S, so Gus is out. George, well, the royal baby makes it hard for me to love, as it's no doubt going to be so popular now. I'm not very fond of more trendy boys' names (Caden, Asher, etc). More the Jack/Henry/Charlie variety (names that have been around forever) - but something that isn't on the top of the popularity list.

    Would love any and all suggestions!

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