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    Opinions please?

    Hello Berries:
    This is the second time I've posted so if your reading again forgive my high maintenance. Our family is trying to decide on the name for our fourth child. We have Victor, Max and Zoe. We are in the process of adopting a second girl. Thanks to my last post we had it narrowed down to:

    ~Lucy, nn Lulu

    ~ Piper

    since then my son had a dream about a baby girl named "Charlotte". Although it was not a name we had considered we really like it. Our 2 year old daughter has been calling her coming sister Coco for reasons unknown. Therefore we have also added Charlotte to the list with the nickname potential of Coco.
    so choice number 3

    ~Charlotte, nn Coco

    A lot of people suggested that we try to find another unusual letter name (Y, W, Q) since our other kids have a V, X and Z. There are really no names with those letters that strongly appeal to us so we are probably not going to go that way.

    Thanks so much!

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    I love that they had a dream about new siblings name! I say you have your answer! Charlotte is so pretty and
    Victor, Max, Zoe and Coco is about as close to adorable without popping that you can get! Good luck!

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    I love Charlotte, and Coco is a really creative nickname for it (in a good way)! That'd be a really good story to tell her when she's older, but make sure you're only using it if you really love it and not solely because of your kids. Piper is cute but not very feminine, and I'm not a fan of Lucy as a given name even though I know it can be one.
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    Thanks so much to both of you!

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