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    Question One syllable first and last name?

    I'm already 31 weeks pregnant and I'm having a tough time deciding on my second daughter's name. The only name I'm definite on using is Quinn, which I'd like her first name to be, but I have a single syllable last name. Do two single-syllable names sound too choppy? Help, please!

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    I don't think so. Think George Jones (an old country/western singer). It's a refreshing change, actually. I'm envisioning a simple last name so something like Quinn Jones or Quinn Smith. The other thing is it gives you a lot of room for middle names so if there is a 4 syllable middle you like or a double middle... no sweat.

    Quinn Seraphina Jones

    That looks very complete and balanced in my mind.

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    I have a one-syllable last name, and many (and I mean virtually all) of my DH's family has one-syllable first names...they all sound just fine! (His is only his informal name or nn, but he himself is Shep Gray. It works for me!)

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