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    I immediately thought of the car (it's an older model Chevrolet) as well. Then I thought of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. Personally, I'm not a fan (for those reasons), but that's just me.

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    It makes me think of a Chevy Lumina...sorry. It's a lovely name but I can't separate it from that association.

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    I like Lumina! The nicknames are stellar. Out of curiosity, how do you pronounce it though? Loo - min - uh or Loo-mee-nuh?

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    I'm not sure I like Lumina, but I think it could grow on me. Luna and Lucia are more my style.
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    I LOVE Lumina. I had it on my middle list for a while. It's gorgeous and it would mean light. I like it with the nickname Lumi but it could also have Mina, Lina, Lili (leelee), Lia, Nia, and Luma.

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