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    I like it and I love the nicknames Luna and Lumi. In the US there is a car called the Lumina, so I identify with that. Although it is an older model so some people won't know what it is/was.
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    alysonr8 : Thanks Lucia is lovely . Just not for me .
    lainy : Thanks I dont know about that car .

    So Berries do you prefer Lumina or Lumiere ?
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    I think it's beautiful although Belle in the middle is a bit tiring.

    Oh, and I'd definitely vote Lumina over Lumiere - which is just a French word to me.
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    Thanks @oliviasarah
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    I say Lumina over Lumiere. Lumiere makes me think of the candle from Beauty and The Beast. Lumina is cute though. And I've been loving Luna lately.

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