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Thread: L-less names?

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    L-less names?

    Hello, again, Nameberry!

    My husband and I have made the decision after serious deliberation to give our son (to be adopted) a new name, with his old name in the middle spot. [NOTE: If you would like to know our reasoning and/or argue that we shouldn't change it, please find our thread "Renaming Pascal”. I would ask that you kindly keep this thread for it's intended purpose. So long as we see it, we will read responses there]

    We are trying to find a first name for our little guy. His middle name will be Pascal, no question about it. (He'll most likely have two middle names as our other children do, but that will be a family name). We have two main requirements: It must have a postive meaning and it must have no L's in the middle or end of the name. (He has trouble saying L's if they aren't at the beginning of a word. For instance, he can say Luke but couldn't say Charlie). Three letters are certainly not a requirement, and sister's name will most likely be more than 3.

    Other kids are Zev (Zevediah) & Koa. Z's name means "God has Given" and Koa's "brave, bold, fearless."

    Hit us with everything you've got!

    So, anyone willing to help, we are so greatful for you! Thanks!

    --typing on my phone, sorry for errors
    2 littles calling me Mommy, Waiting on #3 & 4 through our first adoption

    Zev (15.06.09) & Koa (25.04.11)

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    Next to somewhere.

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    A few more ideas in the same spirit as Zevediah/Zev :

    Avraham, nn Avi (father of a multitude, fruitful)
    Avner (father of light - meaning is great with Pascal, which relates to Easter/ Passover, with nice associations with being reborn in light, regardless of any formal religious affiliation!)
    Ehud, nn Udi (I have an Israeli friend who goes by Udi, it is actually quite charming even on a grown man, and Ehud means 'united')
    Ephraim (fruitful)
    Gad (luck / happiness)
    Nadav (generous /noble)
    Naim (calm, serene)

    And it's all I have so far, but good luck

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    My first thought was Boone. The dictionary definition of boon is "something to be thankful for; blessing." Boone Pascal?

    There are a few Hebrew names... Ori means "my light" and Ronen means "song, joy." Do you like Asher?

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    I love the name Isaac, which means laughter...Devon means poetic, Channing means wolf-cub, and...
    Tobiah, Tobin, or Tobiah mean believing God is good.
    Bennett means blessed.
    Vincent, means conquering, and Van, Vince are cute nicknames
    Ian, God is gracious
    Lennox, means elm grove and Leo is a great nn or even Nox or lex. Leo means lion.
    Jeffrey, pledge of peace

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