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    Quote Originally Posted by bellerose View Post
    @lawsonhaley : I also have a confidence issue & I need others to tell me that they find that name gorgeous too so i can add it to my list . Maybe we need to be tougher
    I think we do! haha :P

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    I love Alfie but hate Alfred I can't stand it so I would use just Alfie. I also hate when people suggest names that hardly work like Raphael nicknamed Alfie. I also love Ellie-Mae more then I should. My name is pretty cutesy and I know three teenaged just Ellie's are they all going to end up on the streets because they have no formal name. My cousin Kristy is a teacher and my chiropractor is named Kirsty both names were pretty cutesy back in the day and they've managed to make it with no formal name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephykneejo View Post
    I agree with you completely, as my daughter has a completely cutesy name. However, I think this rant you're having is making you look weak. You have to be confident with your names and let everyone else go. Pretty much everyone on this board doesn't like my daughter's name and I am OK with that.

    Also keep in mind that sometimes people just don't want to be constantly put down and criticized for the names they like, so they stop sharing and giving opinions.
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    Personally, I do find a lot of names with "ee" endings too cutesy for my taste. I definitely do not think and hope I never said anything about them impacting a person's future/prospects though. I hope I make it clear that it's just personal preference on my part and there's nothing actually wrong with these names.
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    My Rant:
    I agree, that names like Lola or Milly are not going to hinder a person in their career. Someone named Gracie or Ellie can become a successful lawyer. I don't have a problem with most names that are nicknames. I love Mille/Milly, and hate Millicent, I love Tilly/Tillie and hate Matilda. But I have a hard time picturing someone named Tilly or Milly being older than 10. I'm sure that a Milly, Tilly, Gracie, Georgie, or Freddie can be a very successful adult but the name itself is very youthful to me. That is why I prefer having a longer first name with nickname option, like Elizabeth nn Libby or something. But I would love to meet a little kid named Gracie, it is adorable. I just have harder time picturing it on an adult. I'm sure if I met an adult Gracie or Freddie, my opinions would change. I have nothing against using a nickname for a first name (look at how popular they are in the UK). I personally wouldn't choose it, but I think it is really rude of those people who tell their opinions without being asked, and many do it very bluntly. Not okay. That is how I feel about this whole thing. People on here can be very rude when it comes to names they dislike. All the names you listed are lovely on their own, even if I prefer a full name (Lola to me is a name on its own anyway, not to nicknamey) and will most definitely not hinder a professional. Names are influential, don't get me wrong, but there are a lot of factors that determine success that are far more important than the name they have being too cutesy.
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