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    Sep 2011
    Surname: Parker

    DH: Joel Matthew

    DW: Emma Caroline

    DS (14): Ryan Jackson

    DD (12): Ava Madison

    DD (10): Nova May

    DS (4): Milo Archer

    DS (4): Hugh Trevor

    DD (2): Aria Hadley

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    Nov 2012
    Syracuse, NY
    Surname: Cooper

    DW: Leah Rose Cooper

    DH: Clayton Joel Cooper
    DS (14): Ryan Christopher Cooper

    DD (12): Ava Grace Cooper

    DD (10): Jade Nova Cooper

    DS (4): Jasper Riley Cooper
    DS (4): Callum Kenzie Cooper
    DD (2): Keira Quinn Cooper

    20 years later...(Where do they live, what are their jobs, who are they married to, what are their children called?)

    20 years later...
    Ryan is now 34. He went to Vanderbilt University where he play football and studied to become a personal trainer and coach. He met his wife Mackenzie Fallon, who is a gym teacher at Vanderbilt as well. They reside in San Francisco, CA with there 3 children, Annabelle Pauline (Annie, 9), Hailey Evangeline (Hailey, 5) and Jacoby Michelangelo (Jack, 2).

    Ava is now 32 and married to her husband Jesse Banks. She is a stay-at-home mom for her four (soon to be five) children, Conrad Joseph (Cj, 14), Tatum Mackenzie (Tate, 10), Wesley Jeremiah (Wes, 4) and Gannon Noah (2). They will soon be welcoming their first daughter Wilhelmina Grace (Willie). Jesse's family is very well off so neither him nor Ava have to work. They reside in Calabasas, CA.

    Jade just turned 30. She has had a very successful singing career. She is a single mom of two girls, Ryan Shea (8) and Riley Mariah (4). They live just outside of Los Angeles, CA.

    Jasper (JR) and Callum (Cal) are now 24. Both just finished college majoring in Auto Repair. They have just opened their own shop together and it is going well. Cal and his fiance, June are expecting a baby. While JR is planning to propose to his long time girlfriend Lavinia. Both live in the same Apartment building just outside of San Francisco, CA.

    Keira now 22 is studing at the University of Berkeley and living at home with Mom and Dad in Berkeley, CA. She hopes to become a high school counsellor. She is currently waitressing at a local restaurant to help pay for college.

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    DW : Charlotte Helen Cooper *Charlie *
    DH : Clayton Adam Cooper

    DS : William Andrew 14
    DD : Grace Olivia 12
    DD : Anastasia Day 10
    DS : Edward Darcy 4
    DS : Callum Rhys 4
    DD : Hazel Ivy 2

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    ♀ potential little ladies:
    lauren elizabeth⎰sophie jane⎰grace audrey
    camden willow⎰elena maeve⎰lilia adele

    ♂potential little men:
    alexander david⎰nathaniel isaiah⎰lincoln joseph
    archer william⎰kieran louis⎰madison gage

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    DW: Emma Rose Tyler
    DH: Simon John Tyler

    DS (14): Samuel Logan Tyler
    DD (12): Grace Addison Tyler
    DD (10): Cerelia Jade Tyler
    DS (4): Silas Edward Tyler
    DS (4): Callum Rhys Tyler
    DD (2): Gemma Quinn Tyler

    20 years later...(Where do they live, what are their jobs, who are they married to, what are their children called?)
    -Sam is 34 and lives in Chicago, IL. He works as a police officer and is married to Jenna Lou Tyler (nee Stout). They have 4 children, with a set of twin boys on the way.
    Their (soon to be) 5 children:
    Lydia Clarice (age 9), Juniper Bryn (age 8), Lena Jillian (5), Carabelle Scout (4), and their twins Theodore Samuel and Landon Gus Tyler
    *Sam, Jenna, Lydia, Juni, Lena, Cara, Theo & Landon*
    The girls:
    The boys:

    -Grace Addison (nee Tyler) Schwartz, now 32, married her high school sweetheart, Brady Allen Schwartz. They live in New York City. They have 3 kids, and are not planning on having any more. Grace works as a kindergarten teacher. Brady works as a nurse at the local hospital.
    Their 3 children: Ashton Luke Schwartz (5), Noelle Brianne Schwartz (4) & Joel Allen Schwartz (4 months)
    *Grace, Brady, Ashton, Ellie, & Joey*

    -Lia Jade (nee Tyler) Alexandrov (now 30) married a man named Nikolai Sergei Alexandrov. They met when Lia went on a college trip to Moscow and they fell in love. Lia works as a personal trainer and Nikolai teaches art at one of the local high schools. They now live in Chicago, IL with their 2 children, and Lia's expecting their 3rd.
    Their 2 children: Dmitri Edmund Alexandrov (9) and Misha Nolan Alexandrov (6)
    The name they're planning for a boy / girl: Ivan Michael / Kalista Rose Alexandrov
    *Lia, Nikolai, Dmitri, Misha & Ivan/Kalista*
    The boys: http://jilliancobbphotography.files....D950%26h%3D632
    The baby:

    -Silas is now 24. He is engaged to his long-term girlfriend Natalie Jane Briggs. He just graduated college and has already gotten a job as a pharmacist. Natalie works as a chef at her own restaurant. They live in St. Louis, MO. and have 1 child.
    Their child: Evelyn Paige Tyler (6 months)
    *Silas, Natalie & Evie*

    -Cal is now 24. He has always been a troubled kid, but has been brought out of his troubled ways when he met his now wife Hazel Ann Jones. He works as an auto-mechanic and Hazel is a stay at home mom to their 2 kids. Cal also has 3 other kids by women he slept with in his younger years.
    Cal & Hazel's kids: Zoe Madeleine Tyler (3) and Noah Aden Tyler (1)
    Cal & a woman named Juliana Kay McCoy's son: Graham Xavier McCoy (7)
    Cal & a girl named Olivia June Anderson's daughter: Callia Ryan Anderson (5)
    Cal & his ex-girlfriend Tatiana Louise Grey's son: Izaiah Michael Grey (6)
    *Cal, Hazel, Zoe & Noah; Graham, Callia & Izzy*

    Gemma Quinn Tyler is now 20 and is dating a man by the name of Charles Jhon Matthews. She is studying to be a nurse. She and CJ have a 2 month old daughter named Izobel Natalia Tyler.
    *Gemma, CJ & Izzy*

    So the family:
    Emma & Simon
    ---Lydia, Juni, Lena, Cara, Theo & Landon
    ---Ashton, Ellie, Joey
    ---Dmitri, Misha, Ivan/Kalista
    ---Zoe, Noah; Graham, Callia, and Izzy

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