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    thoughts on the name Kavanaugh

    Hubby and I really like Kavanaugh as the name for our baby boy.

    Thoughts? We are planning on pairing it with a short simple middle name.

    Any negative associations to the name or difficulties our son will have using it in everyday life?

    Feedback is appreciated.

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    I love it spelled Cavanaugh- so much classier and more handsome! Kavanaugh looks like a "kreeativ" spelling you made up- I looked it up and found out it's not, but obviously not everyone would do that.
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    Thanks for your reply. The "C" or "K" is still up for debate.

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    I'm with the pp. With a C, it's great! Not so much with a K...

    Cavanaugh. I like it a lot.
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    I would highly recommend using the Cavanaugh spelling. The "K" makes it look tacky. Other than that, it's not my style but it's a fine name.

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