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    Daring names from the blog. What do you think?

    I have copied and pasted the names here on the blog because it tells me that I must be logged on to comment and of course I am logged on but it is not recognising it so I thought I would post the names over here so I could comment.
    "deliciously daring or just plain dangerous?" girls
    Agatha Not yet liking this one

    Alberta No

    Anastasia Beautiful

    Betsan Odd

    Biddy Old biddy?

    Coco Nickname only

    Constance A good middle name

    Elsbeth Too cutesy for me

    Iona Interesting

    Nancy Boring

    Ophelia On the face of it a lovely, lilting name

    Petra Said softly this is pretty

    Sybilla Lovely name

    Titania Too OTT for me

    Venetia Pretty

    Zinnia Harsh

    Archibald Not one for the average kid but could be a good middle

    Benedict Like

    Bertie Dislike

    Clemente Middle name only

    Constantine Nice

    Digby More suitable for a pet

    Edgar Nice enough

    Hamish Lovely

    Harvey Nice

    Hector Horrible

    Herbert Boring vintage

    Lysander Pretentious

    Montague Like

    Montgomery Like

    Otto Dislike

    Ptolemy Dislike

    Reginald No

    Remo Cool but wouldn't use it

    Ruben Like it as Reuben

    Sidney Dislike

    Wilfred Like but wouldn't use

    Zephyr Dislike

    I think most of these would transfer to ordinary life quite well.

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    Agatha- love it! It's old, it's bewitching, it isn't frilly. I'm a fan
    Alberta- Not so much… I just think of the province.
    Anastasia- I used to hate this, honestly, but then my cousin named his daughter this and this kid is AWESOME so I quite like it not. Couldn't use it, obviously, though.
    Betsan- eeh… hunh?
    Biddy- not as a given name
    Coco- I hate this, I'll be honest
    Constance- I like it in French, but not in English
    Elsbeth- this is nice! I prefer Elspeth though
    Iona- nice!
    Nancy- oh man, in grade 4 this was my favourite name for a girl lol, so random! I do have a soft spot for it.
    Ophelia- this is nice, it isn't one I'd use myself, but it's nice
    Petra- nice!
    Sybilla- I like this. I actually LOVE Sibil·la with the interpunct and double L sound, sooooooo gorgeous!
    Titania- I love this! I wouldn't use it, but I do love it… okay, maybe I'd use it as a middle name? that'd make me happy.
    Venetia- Not a fan
    Zinnia- love it!

    Archibald- eeh, not my cup of tea. It's fine, it's gutsy, but it's not something I could see being practical in my life.
    Benedict- I've tried to like this, but I don't.
    Bertie- I think I'd use this as a nn on a girl before a boy :/
    Clemente- like kleh-men-tay? Oh klem-int? Not a fan either way.
    Constantine- awesome! I know a few Constantines, it's gutsy but they all pul it off.
    Digby- I'm kind of liking it right now, I wouldn't use it, but it's kind of sweet.
    Edgar- love it! It took me years to quit seeing that big dog from the For Better, For Worse comic
    Hamish- LOVE it! I knew a guy named Hamish, he was extremely talented in many facets of life… definitely left with me a lasting impression
    Harvey- I don't see the appeal of this at all
    Hector- eeh… not sure. I don't like it, but it's not bad.
    Herbert- not a fan
    Lysander- cool, but almost "too cool". I'd go for it as a middle name
    Montague- don't like it, but Montesquieu sounds nice to me
    Montgomery- sounds like a joke name to me :/
    Otto- I don't like Otto, but I do like Otho
    Ptolemy- seems more like a statement on the part of the parents. It's not that bad though, I guess.
    Reginald- I grew up with Boy Meets World and all I can think is Davey Jones as "Reg, Reginald Fairfield!"
    Remo- interesting!
    Ruben- I've come around to it, I used to hate it but I know a few Spanish Rubéns and they've helped
    Sidney- I have a soft spot for it, Golden Goal and all lol
    Wilfred- too Laurier for where I'm from.
    Zephyr- not my style

    Interesting mix on this list!
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
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    Agatha- Not for me, but I see that Hazel/Myrtle appeal

    Alberta- I find it beautiful sounding & strong, but I worry about the Canadian place-name aspect.

    Anastasia- Not my thing, too princessy for me, but it is a solid choice.

    Betsan Odd one. Very daring!

    Biddy- I think old Biddy, but I could see this as an Elizabeth variant.

    Coco- Nickname only for me

    Constance- I adore this name!

    Elsbeth- very strong & sophisticated & unusual! I like it!

    Iona- I love it!

    Nancy- Ready for a comeback!

    Ophelia- Not for me, but I see the appeal. I think it's too tragic & don't like the "feel" part

    Petra- I like it, but it sounds like petrol

    Sybilla- I prefer the sound of Sybyl. I don't love either

    Titania- I would love to meet one!

    Venetia- I know someone with this for a surname! I just feel like it's a pretty sounding Italian surname.

    Zinnia- Cute & a bit eccentric

    Archibald- feels snooty & fancy to me

    Benedict- It's OK, but I think of brunch

    Bertie- Feels little-girlish

    Clemente OK

    Constantine I like it, very strong

    Digby very childish sounding, but I see the appeal. I prefer it over others in that style like Milo or Bailey

    Edgar eh

    Hamish not for me

    Harvey Feels warm & fun, but it's not for me

    Hector Feels cold & remote, not for me

    Herbert It's OK

    Lysander- It's OK

    Montague- Too fancy & pretentious feeling

    Montgomery- See above

    Otto- Could be a brother to Digby

    Ptolemy- Too try hard

    Reginald- It's not my style, but I like that it feels strong & masculine

    Remo- I think of Reno

    Ruben- It's ok, I've met a few

    Sidney- I love it, but my husband finds it feminine

    Wilfred- It's OK

    Zephyr OK

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    Oh I like your signature @rollo I have that song in my head now!

    I also haven't been able to comment on the blogs for a g e s. Technicians?

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    I am planning to move to England

    based on this list.

    These are all GREAT names. I am sick of American name choices (not Nameberry choices, but the real world).

    Madison and Jaxon, blah! Bring me an Agatha and a Reginald any day.

    Of course I am largely English and Scottish and European in ancestry and a total Anglo and Europhile, so maybe that accounts for my tastes. That and being an English major, teacher, and reader of a bazillion English books.

    I am just starved for real, historic, substantial names.

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