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    Thanks, everyone, for the comments! Anyone else who has some input, I'd really appreciate it.

    @bibliophile - Elihu is pronounced "EL-ih-hyoo," basically as if you mashed up the names Ella and Hugh. And yes, that is the proper pronunciation of Yvaine. Why do you find Chantal tacky? I'm curious.

    @daisychain - Thank you for the compliment. I'm not a fan of Simeon due to its sounding the same as the word "simian." Mara is pretty, but I still think I prefer Maura. Thanks for the ideas, though.

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    Asher, Bettina, and Jeanette don't "go" together, so I just picked out my favorites.

    Desmond -- this one goes really well with Asher, Bettina, and Jeanette, and it's handsome
    Elihu -- Elihu is so much fun; I'd love to see it used
    Ezra -- a personal favorite, and it goes great with Asher
    Gideon -- I think this goes really well with your kids' names too, and it's a great, fun name
    Lionel -- if you've got the guts to use it, please do; it's got too much personality to be left in the attic
    Louis -- but only if you're pronouncing it "loo-ee"
    Raphael -- Raphael is sexy and fiery, and there's the artist
    Roscoe -- I just think it's cool
    Silas -- another personal favorite; it reminds me of mountains and rain
    Simon -- it's such a quirky, intelligent name, and there's something really cute about brothers named Asher and Simon

    Corinne -- I just like this, and it feels similar to Jeanette stylistically
    Guinevere -- beautiful, underused, with a fascinating history
    Helena -- one of my personal favorites; I think it's stunning, and it feels similar to Bettina stylistically
    Ingrid -- strong, feminine, and very underused
    Leonore -- I think it's striking
    Marian -- another strong, feminine name with a fascinating history
    Opal -- I just think this is really cool; it feels kind of mysterious too, doesn't it?
    Rose -- my love for Rose was rejuvenated by Rose Tyler in Doctor Who, and the idea of a little girl called Rosie makes my heart flutter
    Sibyl -- another cool, mysterious name that should be revived
    Vivian -- would you consider Vivienne?

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    Asher, Bettina, and Jeanette don't "go" together, so I just picked out my favorites.
    Yeah, I know they don't really "go" well. That's the pitfall of a blended family - I'm hoping that maybe, especially if the next one is a son, we can somehow balance Asher's modern, straightforward name (picked by my husband and his ex) with the more midcentury names we picked for our daughters together.

    Thank you for the comments! I so totally agree on Guinevere, Lionel, Raphael, and Simon.

    Vivienne is nice, but it doesn't sound quite right with our surname to me and I really just don't like it as much as I like Vivian. :/

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    My vote is for Simon and Corinne!
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    I think Calvin, Desmond, Eben, Ezra, Felix, Gideon, Oliver, Otto, Roscoe, Simon, Corinne, Guinevere, Ingrid, Lorelei, Marguerite, Opal, Ottoline, and Sibyl go best with your other children's names. I really love some of the others, but they seem to plain or popular in comparison to gems like Asher, Bettina, and Jeanette.

    I agree with potofgold's comment that the double 't' in Ottoline would link the three sisters. The -er ending in Oliver would be a cute way to connect boys too.

    On a side note, the opal is the birthstone of October, and it's considered unlucky by some to wear the stone if you weren't born in that month. Of course, that shouldn't stop you from using Opal if you love it (because it is fantastic) but something I thought I'd mention.
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