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    Kendra Elise (Chef)
    Bauer Tate (Architect)

    Kendra and Bauer met at a graduation
    College: UCLA
    Proposal & wedding: at college graduation and they had a rustic wedding
    Honeymoon: Ireland

    DD/DD: Sunday Lucia & Stella Haven

    Adopt from Africa
    DS: Jackson Knox

    DD/DS: Emerald Snow & Zane Okello

    Brother and sister-in-law pass away
    DS: Malachi Jace
    DD: Marcie Joelle

    DD/DD/DD: Payton Tara, Daisy June & Temperance Audrey
    DS/DS: Brennan Gideon & Seeley Nathaniel
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    Amelia Rose Mikaelson
    BF: Daimon Antonio Fletcher
    Prom date turns into BF

    3. UCLA

    3. Architect

    Proposal and Wedding!
    1. At Disneyland, elope

    Honeymoon: Argentina
    - Boy - Noah Rohan Fletcher

    1. From local Orphanage
    - Girl - Stella Bellamy Fletcher

    Two years after the adoption you want more kids.
    - Girl - Esme Opal Fletcher

    Aww, a death close to you means you adopt the children. Who dies?
    3. Best friend

    Who are their kids?
    3. Derek Maddox Fletcher

    Triplet Daughters!
    Rebecca/Rebekah Maelona
    Payton Marigold
    Camille Adalie

    Twin Sons!
    Zach Rogan
    Jack Hudson

    Gemma Christiana ~ Michael Declan ~ Elizabeth Verity Rose ~ Aidyn Julius ~ Stella Artemisia

    Marie - Ardyn - Eleni - Alizabeth - Emery - Grace - Louise - Emersyn - Sophea - Christine - Aerilyn - Esmae - Reverie
    Noah - Benjamin - Aidan - James - Koltyn - Tristan - Theo - Henry - Theroux - Nicolas - Maxxen - Declyn


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    DH: Samuel Jacob O'Brien 'Sam'
    DW: Lydia Charlotte O'Brien nee Whishaw

    Lydia and Sam met while in their first year of college in UCLA where Lydia was studying to become a Chef, and Sam was studying Medicine. After years of dating, Sam proposed to her at his graduation! They had a rustic wedding in the autumn, and their 3-week honeymoon in Jakarta. When they got back, Lydia was thrilled to discover that she was pregnant! 9 months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, whom they decided to call Joshua Benedict O'Brien 'Josh'.

    After Josh turned 2, the pair decided that they wanted another baby in the house, although Lydia wasn't sure she was ready for the process of carrying a child again. This led the them into thinking about alternatives to natural conception, and they decided that they would like to adopt a child. Because the Far East held such special memories for them, they decided to adopt a child from China, settling on a 6-month old baby girl that they deicded to name Louisa Adele O'Brien.

    2 years after they adopted their baby girl, the itch was back, Lydia and Sam wanted to make their family bigger again. This time, Lydia felt she was ready for carrying a child and soon enough, she was pregnant again! This time however, there was a surprise in store for them - Lydia was expecting not one, not two, but three babies! Needless to say, the couple were over the moon! Nine months later, three bouncing baby boys arrived to the delighted mother and father. Their names were Jasper Tevin O'Brien, Rory Caspar O'Brien, and Argus Sorrell O'Brien 'Gus'.

    Less than a year after the birth of your newest additions, Lydia got a call from the police in the middle of the night - her brother and his wife had been killed in a car accident, leaving behind four girl quads, aged 7. As she and Sam had been named guardians in her brother's will, custody is granted to the O'Briens and the girls move in almost immediately. With this massive increase to the family, a new house was found in the suburbs of the city that the girls were living in, in order that they wouldn't have to move schools. The girls' names are Lyra Kirrily Whishaw, Vesper Illyria Whishaw, Georgiana Halcyon Whishaw and Caterina Amoret Whishaw.

    With the four girls being added to the family as well as the year-old triplets, Lydia and Sam decided that the family had to settle back down into normality before any more children were added. Three years pass before they think that their large family are ready for yet more additions, but soon the time comes, and they felt that they should start trying for children again. It's a year before a child is conceived, although once it is, there are no problems, and nine months down the line, Lydia gave birth to three lovely triplet girls, whom they call Daisy Alis O'Brien, Rebecca Phoebe O'Brien and Temperance Adalie O'Brien 'Imp'.

    Three years later, and a surprise pregnancy brings two more baby boys into the family! Lydia and Sam decide to call them Jack Branson O'Brien and Seeley Owen O'Brien 'Eli'.

    The O'Brien Family:

    Lydia (39) & Sam (43)

    Lyra, Vesper, Georgie & Cat (15)
    Josh (14)
    Louisa (11)
    Jasper, Rory & Gus (9)
    Daisy, Rebecca & Imp (3)
    Jack & Eli. (NB)


    Master Bedroom: Sam & Lydia -
    Bedroom 2: Lyra -
    Bedroom 3: Georgie -
    Bedroom 4: Vesper -
    Bedroom 5: Cat -
    Bedroom 6: Josh -
    Bedroom 7: Louisa -
    Bedroom 8: Jasper, Rory & Gus -
    Bedroom 9: Daisy, Rebecca & Imp -
    Bedroom 10: Jack & Eli -
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    DW: Emily Mae
    -Went to Harvard Medical
    DW: Sarah Anne
    -Went to harvard for Business

    -We were prom dates turned GFs, Emily proposed at Knotts and they got married in a park. Honeymoon in Sydney, Australia.

    DS/DS: Holden August and Porter Jude (11)
    DAD: Annabelle Lila (8)
    -Adopted from India
    DD: Amelia Opal (6)
    DStepSD: Molly Marie (12)
    DStepSS: Mason Miles (9)
    DD/DD/DD: Michelle Hallie "Hallie", Daisy Kate, and Camille Norah (2)
    DS/DS: Jack Harrison and Seeley Dean (nb)

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    Your name: Juniper Caroline Landry *Junie*
    Your boyfriend’s name: Andrew Gabriel Ross

    Roll Dice:
    1. High school sweethearts

    Roll Dice:
    2. Columbia

    Roll Dice:
    3. Architect

    Proposal and Wedding!
    Roll Dice:
    2. At a fancy dinner, on a beach


    Honeymoon Baby/ies!
    Roll Dice:
    3. Girl/Boy Twins.
    Ruby Snow & Zachary Kato *Zac*

    Roll Dice:
    2. From Russia

    Roll Dice:
    Even- girl
    Liliana Elise

    Two years after the adoption you want more kids. Roll Dice:
    1. Girl
    Amelia Opal

    Aww, a death close to you means you adopt the children. Who dies?
    Roll Dice:
    2. Neighbor

    What are their kids?
    Roll Dice:
    3. Derek Breccan

    Triplet Daughters!
    Roll Dice Three Times:
    Michelle Courtney, Payton Penelope, Daisy Mona

    Twin Sons!
    Roll Dice Twice:
    Wendell Owen, Seeley George
    "I love first times. I want my entire life to be composed of them."
    -Lucien Carr, Kill Your Darlings

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