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    Me: Noella Fay
    DW: Kimbra Mary

    We met in College.
    We went to Union College
    I am a fashion designer, she owns her own business.
    I proposed at a dinner, our wedding was at the beach.
    Our honeymoon was in Bolivia.

    DD/DD: Sparrow Jonet/Zella Afternoon
    ADD: Bellamy Elise
    DS/DS: Damon Bly/Radley Isaac

    My best friend died.
    We adopted her triplets

    DD/DS/DD: Elinor Dylan Crowe/Judd Graham Alexander/ Helena Diane Sphink
    DD/DD/DD: Temperance Avery "Avery"/Daisy Fern/ Michelle Taylor "Mitch"
    DS/DS: Zach Rogan/Brennan George

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    Your name: Rowan Elizabeth Sanford
    Your boyfriend’s name: Grady Samuel Waters

    6. Prom date turns into BF

    College! 4. Harvard
    Studies! 5. Business

    Proposal and Wedding! 1. At Disneyland, elope
    Honeymoon! Glasgow

    Honeymoon Baby/ies!
    3. Girl/Boy Twins.

    Hazel Merrigan
    Zade Iniko

    Adopt! 5. From China

    Henry Nelson

    Two years after the adoption you want more kids.

    5. Girl/Girl Twins.
    Birdie Minerva
    Juliette Maize

    Aww, a death close to you means you adopt the children. Who dies?
    3. Best friend

    What are their kids?
    1. Triplets, you choose names

    Ingrid Beatrice, age 5
    Edith Katherine
    Louisa Carol

    Camille Mae (couldn't get the list)
    Daisy Kate
    Rebecca Norah

    Jack Wilson
    Zach August

    Your family is complete!
    Ingrid, Sarai, Edith, Clara, Geneva, and Judith
    Keller, Graham, Ezra, and Isaac

    If I had a baby today, it would be named:Clara Naomi/Ezra Lloyd

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    Your Name: Alaina Willow (Chef)
    Your Boyfriend's Name: Henry Josiah (Medical)
    We met in college, UCLA. Proposed in Disneyland, we elope, honeymoon in Andorra.

    DD/DD: Shiloh Cassia/Juliette Arbor
    Adopted From China: Felix Viggo
    DD/DS: Indigo Macen/Zeus Amari
    Coworker's Children: McKenna Jacquelyn and Marcus Edward
    DD/DD/DD: Daisy Eden/Rebecca Marigold/Michelle Amber
    DS/DS: Jack Hudson/Brennan Orion
    Combos I'm Liking:

    Everett Wolf, Ronan, Leo, Rufus, Jane, Henry, Phoebe & Juliet

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    Ana Theresa Ramirez
    Boyfriend: Andrew Nathan Carver

    Ana and Andrew went to prom together and started dating afterward.
    Both went to Harvard and studied business.
    Andrew proposed at a baseball game, and the couple had a rustic wedding. They honeymooned in Vienna.

    After returning from Vienna, Ana discovers she is pregnant with twin boys: Avery Hugo & Radley Gideon

    Two years later, Andrew and Ana adopt a 1 year old from Russia: Dexter Flynn

    When Avery & Hugo are 4 and Dexter is 3, Ana has another baby boy: Asa Jude

    Two years later, Ana's stepbrother Marcus dies. Ana and Andrew adopt Marcus' 5 year old triplets: Camille "Cami" Morgan, Alyssa "Aly" Katelyn, & Madison "Maddie" Christine.

    A year later, Alyssa gives birth to triplet daughters! Rebecca "Becca" Daphne, Daisy Opal, & Payton "Dot" Dorothea.

    Three years later, the family is complete when Ana gives birth to twin boys: Jack Hudson & Ty Anson.

    Avery(9), Hugo (9), Dexter (8), Asa (5), Cami (5), Aly (5), Maddie (5), Becca (3), Daisy (3), Dot (3), Jack (nb) & Ty (nb).

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    Your name: Ashley Lynn Foster
    Your boyfriend's name: Gabriel Noah Hart

    High School sweethearts
    College: Columbia
    Study: Nursing
    Proposal & Wedding: Family reunion, Church
    Honeymoon: Ireland

    Boy: Ezra Camden Hart
    Boy (adopted from teen mother): Liam Elijah Hart
    Girl/Girl: Liberty Sabina & Juliette Cadence
    Coworker dies; leaves behind Maisie Rae & Myra Kate
    Triplets: Rebecca Phoebe ("Becca"), Payton Delilah, Michelle Brianna ("Mitchi")
    Twins: Jack Emerson & Brennan Conrad

    Ezra, Liam, Liberty, Juliette, Maisie, Myra, Becca, Payton, Mitchi, Jack, & Brennan
    Wesley / Malachi / Ezra / Rowan / Sawyer / Henry

    Emmeline / Aurora / Hallie / Lucy / Rory

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