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    Meaningful middle ideas

    Expecting #4 after Easter and we need help with a girl MN (boy is a whole other problem!). We are pretty much set on the first name Mary. We wanted a family middle but can't find one we both like enough. I feel like we could move away from the family name if I can find one with a nice meaning so I don't have to say 'we just liked it' (the others have family names).

    Names I like that have been nixed because of DH not liking or obvious problems linking to Mary:


    I like Saints names (if I like the saint), names linked to the Easter season like Paschal & Anastasia and names with positive meanings or nature references (like Selene and Phoebe), the meaning doesn't have to be obvious it can be our own little secret. I'm open to anything so throw it all out there!

    Hubby has pretty old school taste, Laura, Kate, Louise he doesn't tend to have a lot of suggestions but sure does know what he doesn't like LOL. Our other daughter has a quite unusual middle name so I know that if I find the right name he may come to love it.

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    Mary Susannah - Biblical, means 'lily,' doesn't conflict with Mary in meaning or sound, husband will have probably heard of it.
    Mary Kezia - Biblical. I had this on my own list matched to the VERY similar Mara, because I liked the contrast of "bitter" and "cinnamon." I also like nature-y names so yeah.
    Mary Dove - I like one of the Hebrew girls' names that means "dove" but Yonina doesn't pair well sound-wise.
    Mary Theodora - Beautiful meaning, nice sound. I know it's long but Mary is so streamlined and classic I think it balances? I think a saint as well but I don't know.
    Mary Raphaela - One of my favourites of the feminized angel names.

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