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    Name Your Kids by answering questions:

    Dear Daughter1 first name:
    Day of the month you were born:
    1-10: Willa or Margaret
    11-16: Marjorie or Judith
    17-25: Georgia or Rebecca
    26-31: Audrey or Lillian
    Dear Daughter1 middle name:
    Your birth month:
    Jan,Feb, March: Ruth or Grace
    April, May, June: Quinn or Brynn
    July, Aug, Sep: Pearl or Ruby
    Oct, Nov, Dec: Jade or June
    Dear Daughter2 first name:
    Favorite Fruit:
    Watermelon: Vanessa or Victoria
    Mango or Papaya: Veronica or Vivian
    Peaches or Nectarines: Vera or Violet
    Bananas: Veda or Vienna
    Apples or Pears: Verity or Fiona
    Cherries, Grapes, Berries: Faye or Felicity
    Pineapple: Freya or Florence
    Citrus: Finlay or Flora
    Other: Fawn or Fallon
    Dear Daughter2 middle name:
    Favorite Animal:
    cats: Raquel or Rachel
    Dogs: Naomi or Nova
    Rabbits: Olivia or Olive
    Birds: Lily or Lynn
    Reptile: Elisabeth or Grey
    Sea creatures: Bay or Melanie
    Other type of furry friend: Harper or Maeve
    Horse: Kai or Diana
    Other: Ashanti or Avril
    Dear Son first name:
    Your eye color:
    Brown: Nathaniel or Nigel
    Hazel: Orlando or Owen
    Green: Patrick or Pax
    Blue: Geoffrey or Gregory
    Grey: Theo or Theodore
    Other: Donovan or Denzel
    Dear Son Middle name:
    favorite music:
    Classical: Gray or Lee
    jazz / blues: Logan or Drew
    Oldies(50's-70's): Jay or Pierce
    Techno/Dance: Lucas or Mateo
    Pop: Vincent or William
    Rock: Jordan or Christopher
    Alternative/indie: Hayes or Oliver
    Folk/Bluegrass/country: Alaric or Archer
    new age and world: Alexander or Mason
    punk or ska: Jonathan or Josiah
    Dear son2 first:
    fav color:
    Red: William or Warren
    Blue: Thomas or Terrance
    green: Fletcher or Flynn
    Purple: Finn or Ford
    Pink: Jude or Joseph
    Black: Jacob or Noah
    Orange: Ethan or Evan
    Yellow: Rhys or Richard
    Teal /turquoise: Gianni or Giovanni
    White: Luke or Lucas
    Silver or grey: August or Austin
    Other: Roman or Payton
    Dear son2 middle:
    Favorite season:
    Winter: Piers or Paul
    Spring: Michael or Malachi
    Summer: Reuben or Silvan
    Fall: Joshua or Jackson
    Dear Son3:
    Which are you drawn to:
    Butterflies: Silas or Cyrus
    Flowers: Cassius or Caspar
    Trees: Sherwood or Trenton
    Bodies of water: Liam or Victor
    mountains: Zachariah or Zander
    Forest: Keith or Kyle
    Dear son3 mn:
    Would you rather listen to:
    Thunder: Rafferty or Reagan
    Rain: Anderson or Anders
    Wind chimes: Drew or Dean
    Wind: Jett or Chase
    Music of your choice: Christian or Rupert
    Birds singing: Maximus or Maxwell
    I prefer silence: Zephyr or Trey
    Dear daughter 3:
    I like to:
    Sing: Melody or Cadence
    Dance: Bianca or Beverly
    paint/draw: Sienna or Savannah
    Scrapbook: Gracie or Emily
    take pictures: Evelyn or Adrienne
    read: Margaux or Mallory
    bake/cook: Cassidy or Haven
    Other: Ashleigh or Ashanti
    Dear daughter 3 mn:
    favorite holiday:
    Christmas/Hanukkah: Noelle or Novalie
    Thanksgiving: Alanis or Ariana
    Easter: Ivanna or Ingrid
    Valentines Day: Isobel or Iris
    Mothers/Fathers day: Damaris or Dorothy
    New Years: Laurette or Loretta
    Birthdays: Lorelai or Parker

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    Margaret Ruby,
    Faye Naomi,
    Nathaniel Vincent,
    Finn Reuben,
    Cassius Rafferty,
    and Melody Novalie.

    "Meg (13), Faye (11), Nate (8), Finn (7), Cass (6), and Melody (3)."
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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